Even though there is no denying that a huge number of beautiful Russian girls hope to live a better life in a foreign society, it is equally legal to quarrel that a weighty bank account is not at the peak list of qualities that these women seek in a man.

An extra beautiful Russian girls are very good housekeepers. They are delicious and good prepared. Love the house. Watch purity. This skill is accepted to them from generation to generation. Every Russian mother teaches daughter the technique to cook and be able to manage the economy. This can be considered conventional farming for the beautiful Russian girls may be a normal thing. From a lady get an outstanding wife for any man.

No matter how pleasant and romantic you are in your emails there is one little oversight that may damage everything. This is placing incorrect name at the end of the email or in the beginning. For example a man writes an email to a Russian girl and says “Hello beautiful ……!” Be very considerate writing emails as such gaffe will cause nothing but estrangement and break-up of your communication.

Keep in mind some of the professions stated in the girls' personal advertisement can seem rather impressive or sometimes even actually misleading. That's why we would like to turn your awareness to serious dissimilarity in the income amount, status, and duties performed by the people of the similar profession in different countries. A Russian engineer can have an excellent qualification and education and get a miserable wage. But at the same time there is a very little possibility for a Russian engineer to work as an engineer in the US or other countries. Most of beautiful Russian girls, interested in dating with a foreign men, are ready to change the career or even stay at home, devoting themselves to the family, husband and kids.

Sometimes attracting a beautiful Russian girl looks like a enormous job. It can also seem impractical to attract an strange beautiful girl towards you. At times it's the fright of denial that keeps us from making a step and this fear sometimes directs men to make some mistakes that keep away the girls instead of attracting them.

When a Russian girl is naturally beautiful, she is used to getting greetings on her gorgeousness. She is heard it for years and it does not have much of a consequence on her. And you know what perhaps 7 out of 9 men try to do to win her love? They tell her how beautiful she is. Don't do this. Not on your first email. Instead, pick out one small thing about her look and taunt her about it.

Beautiful Russian girls who have been around for many years now and while many men are becoming more open to the proposal of Russian girls personals, some are still against the idea. Why is this so? Well there are certain men that have a negative disgrace attached to Russian girls for dating. They will suppose that these places are unsafe and that con artists and scammers personalities will roam them. While this can happen if you are not suspicious, this is not the case for most personals of beautiful Russian girls.

Many men are unsure of what they should talk their first date with beautiful Russian girls. Sometimes it can be not easy to determine subjects suitable to argue which matters and which are insufficient. It is better to preserve things infrequent in the first dating.

A small last note, when you visit Russia them remember when a beautiful Russian girl sees a man that she is captivated in, the best signal is making and holding eye contact with the man for a few seconds. If she does this 2 or more times, this is a clear sign that a man can talk to her. If you wait too long however, she will quickly drop her attention because you have shown her that you are shy and unconfident of yourself. Worse yet, she may presume you are refusing her.

Here are some quotes of our beautiful Russian girls profiles' :

Alexandra (29 years old Russian girl from Moscow):

Self Description: I’m not a very beautiful or a perfect girl, but so close to that )) I love people and pets, the sea and delicious food. I live in motion and like active people. I’m keen on traveling, cooking, taking care of somebody… I love nature and animals, swimming and walking, driving and sporting, but sometimes want to look at the stars in the night silence and dreaming…
Seeks Partner: I’ll be happy to meet an interesting, attractive, clever, open-hearted man with good sense of humor to have a lovely time together. Responsible man who wants to have happy family and smart beautiful children. I want him to be between 28 and 38 years old, Christian, well-groomed, taller then me.

Natalya (20 years old Russian girl from Ukraine):

Self Description: I am very sociable Russian girl, and make friends easily. Even with my limited English I could get along with people abroad very well. I am an open and honest person, don't like lie and hypocrisy. My mom says that it's my misfortune as I lack so-called feminine cunning, I lay bare my heart before people without thinking that they can hurt me and make use of my openness. I believe in people but unfortunately they don't always answer my expectations. I have a lot of male friends, yes, just friends, nothing more. I like talking to them and they seem do too. We find a lot of themes for communication and often they tell me such things which they don't even discuss with other men. Why don't I marry one of them? There is no sparkle, no chemistry, there is no feeling that it's mine and nobody's else. They are just friends and colleagues.
Seeks Partner: Maybe you are the one, my only man, who'll understand my original nature, will make my dreams come true and take me in your strong and tender arms to hold me till the end of our days. I am waiting for your letter (in English or Russian) and hope that you are my Mr. Right.

Elena (19 years old Russian girl from Khabarovsk city/Far east of Russia):

I seek a reliable, responsible, financially secure, loves children. I don't mind if he smokes, but he only should be a social drinker.

Maria (22 years old beautiful Russian girl from Belarus):

Education: University
Profession: Student
Marital Status: Single
Languages: I can speak Intermediate English, basic French, Russian
Hobbies: I have various interests, I play the piano, like music very much, reading and thinking. Sometimes I like listening to quiet classical music, the other time I like dancing very much. I also like cooking for my friends.
Self Description: I hope to meet a partner with whom we could become very close. I would like to have a good family. I think a real man should have commitment, emotional openness, integrity, maturity and responsibility.
Seeks Partner: I seek a man between 25-38 y.o. Traits I like in a man are honesty, faithfulness, humor and intelligence.

Larisa (23 years old Russian girl from Saint Petersburg city):

Profession: I am a drawing teacher
Marital Status: Single
Languages: I can speak intermediate English, Russian, Ukrainian
Hobbies: Books, good movies
Self Description: I am quiet, kind beautiful and open girl. I consider that mutual respect is a basis of good relations. I believe in friendship, respect and trust. I believe that it is possible to decide any problems and to find any answers without disputes. I believe that good relations are based on mutual desire to take and to give.
Seeks Partner: The image of an ideal man is a bit vague for me (I mean his appearance), but as far as his personal characteristics are concerned, I have a clear idea of that. He is ambitious, he always does what he promises and never wastes his time on talking. He looks confident and his eyes express power, passion, love. He can melt my heart with his touch and he makes me feel a queen. He can bewitch me. I will never be his servant or his slave, I will be his devoted friend, a support in everything. It would be nice if we had common interests, but it does not matter if there is mutual understanding, respect and love. I just want to love and to be loved, as simple as that! To love without expectancies, reproaches and offences which have nothing to do with love.






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