There are different girls everywhere in the world. Every girl has her own personality, her own opinion, beliefs, needs and principles. Every Russian girl wishes to meet a good man be happy with him and get married. We can not answer how Russian girls are different from Western girls.

It is a well known fact that Russian girls are very popular in the West. Foreign men spend lots of time and efforts trying to realize their aim and meet Russian girls. No wonder this happens because Russian girls are not only sexy and physically beautiful but also possess some qualities that western girls lack such as femininity, sympathy and patience. But the main question that western men ask themselves is why all these educated, lovely and caring girls are not interested in Russian men and favour meet foreign husbands?

Keep in mind what is the dissimilarity what is the basis of a marriage if men and girls feel pleased in it? Yet by the laboratory analysis you will not decide how much planned aspiration to material improvement in a marriage in each of the partners, how many interests in mutual relation marriage take up. If there is a shared trust, sincere wish to see, hear and perceive each other, then, possibly, it is not significant to study, whether it's a marriage for love or just for (ease).

Men who meet Russian girls, consent that Russian girls are amazing wives, they are the best in every aspect.

Any marriage, irrespective of age difference, depends only on the wish of the couple to discover a ordinary language and to accomplish mutual understanding. The happiness in Russian girls marriage does not depend on age. The main thing is to love each other.

Love is a big attraction for Russian girls. Generally when they have love they want to create a family. At first they don’t even imagine if they are well-matched or not. They care about each other. And then it occurs that there is a trouble, the issue of mutual understanding of men and girls, usually it happens after marriage.

Many years ago men and women around the world met and created families. Currently it has become much easier to meet Russian girls, because you can browse the Internet and search for a Russian girl that will suit you.

Russian girls dating sites have become so compartmentalized and precise that can help meet Russian girls you are searching for.

Before now there was a trend among Russian girls to meet men similar to their age but statistics revealed that 80 to 90 percent of marriages failed and ended with divorce within first 6 months. Many Russian girls end up leaving the relationship with kids, as well as regret in men of their age from Russia. So, most of them try to meet men from other countries who are older and expect them to be more responsible, loving and caring.

Here are some quotes of our Russian girls profiles' :

Natalya (29 years old Russian girl from Odessa):

Languages: Basic English, Russian, Ukrainian
Hobbies: I like traveling, I like yachting, dining out, I like reading very much, it helps me to relax and to fall asleep quickly, I like collecting antique pieces of art, like icons etc. I really like shopping (especially shopping for gifts for my children and family members).
Self Description: I am a very cheerful, energetic and active girl who is self-confident and knows that she can make her beloved man very happy with her tenderness, love, devotion and care. I believe that I am a unique and original lady, one in a million, and my man will be one in a million too, he will be treated like a king, and maybe I will be his princess : ) I believe I am more of a pragmatic than a romantic, but I think that deep down in my heart there is still a romantic part of me which is looking forward to be revealed by my future man, by my prince. I love my parents - my mother and my father. My mother is the mechanism of my heart. My parents have their own business and help me in everything. I can tell you that I believe one meeting is worth more than a thousand words, and therefore I would like to meet you very much.
Seeks Partner: I want to meet a strong and stable man, who is generous and who wants to provide a beautiful life for his family - his wife and his children. I need a strong man, who can protect me from the hardships of this life, as if he were a stone wall. I would like to find a man who understands me and what I want completely, the one who will love, spoil and pamper me and my children. But at the same time I know I can compromise when there is love in my life. I am a woman who is able to love, but I need to be found by a knight who will win my heart, who will melt the ice of my heart...This ice appeared due to some circumstances in my life, and difficulties, but I do believe that there will be a man who will make me happy. I like a man of action, I prefer men who do more than they say, because words are just words, really only actions matter for me.

Elena (18 years old Russian girl from Moscow who want to meet a man for dating):

Languages: English and Russian
Hobbies: I like to go to different places and to meet interesting people, to go on exhibitions, theatres, cinema
Self Description: I am serious, responsible, communicative and romantic Russian girl.
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet reliable man with whom we can build a wonderful life together.

Svetlana (30 years old Russian girl from Kirov city):

Languages: English, German and Russian
Hobbies: Psychology, travelling
Self Description: I am a cheerful, smart, and sensitive Russian girl longing to be wrapped up in a fluffy blanket of mutual tenderness, understanding and care and dreaming of hugging somebody close under this blanket.
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet an intelligent, honest, emotionally mature man who wants and who is ready to share the relationships based on mutual love, respect, understanding, responsibility, support, caress and fun.

Elena (22 years old Russian girl from Chelyabinsk):

Education: University
Profession: Student
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English, Russian
Hobbies: Music, painting, fitness, shopping, sightseeing
Self Description: I am calm, sociable, purposeful and determined girl by character. I want to share my life, devotion, love and affection with a decent man.
Seeks Partner: 24-36 y.o. I want to meet my future husband who would be kind, attentive, reliable, cheerful, loving.






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