It is well known that there are fewer men than girls in Russia. Men die earlier, many in the prime of life, or are subject to severe illnesses. As an effect, every tenth girl at the age of 30 can’t find a husband for a marriage.

And they say pretty Russian girls are the weaker sex. Understanding these things will help men become a hit with pretty russian girls and keep the wife of your dreams.

Why do pretty Russian girls enjoy such a huge popularity among Western males? What is so special in a Russian girl? On the first place, we would put motherly qualities. A Russian girl is rather a mother, than a lover. At first, she took on herself a position of a mother towards her husband and had not a right to obvious any other things.

Many pretty Russian girls who communicate with men via the Internet really do seem reserved and nervous. They write little standard phrases in their profiles and think long prior to they answer. But the cause for that is not because of the native superiority of their manners, but due to the lack of experience and practice in dating with foreigners. They are afraid of being misunderstood or seen worse than they actually are. Russian girls are also afraid of hurting men's feeling by lack of knowledge or negligence.

Firm access to the Internet in Russia a rather new fact. As a regulation, dynamic users of the Internet are pretty Russian girls. Among those girls looking for a foreign men there are Russian girls who flawlessly know English, Spanish, German, French and Italian languages . But there are a lot of girls, and a greater percent, who know only basic knowledge of a English language, still go to university. The language barrier often obstructs with active search of a husband and accordingly reply to emails. If a pretty Russian girl addresses a dating site, the marriage site translates and replies in English for them. Nonetheless, the Russian girls, determinedly intended to marry men from all over the world, typically quickly do successes in studying foreign languages. Pretty Russian girls learn English easier, than the German, Italian or American do learn Russian.

Pretty Russian girls are not known only to be sexy, they are also loyally loyal to their husbands. The mothers of Russian girls do take it upon themselves to educate them correctly how to lead happy married lives. They are taught to believe in happy family life and love, which does suit the men well. These conventional principles still exist in Russian women of today. They will look upon the man as the main source of income of the family, while they have careers of their own. In their turn, they will accomplish the duties of a wife as any man has not ever imagined.

Here are some of our pretty Russian girls profiles' quotes:

Marina (28 years old Russian girl from Kiev):

Education: Higher education
Profession: Stomatologist
Languages: Intermediate English, Russian and Ukrainian
Hobbies: Reading, shaping, swimming
Self Description: I am active, cheerful and open girl.
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet a nice man with higher education. Non smoker and non drinker.

Yulia (19 years old Russian girl from Ufa):

Self Description: I love and value life, wisdom of human beings and the beauty of this world. I love and appreciate self-discipline, punctuality, purity and neatness. I am a bit stubborn - in a good way of course!
Seeks Partner: I am looking for my true love, my Soul mate and best friend, a person who would share my heart, my interests and activities. I would love our souls to be in tune with each other and be intertwined. I hope to meet my special man who is capable to share his experience with me, and I would share mine. I want us to share the same values such as reliability and trustworthiness, resoluteness and responsibility, positive outlook on things and wisdom. I am in search for a man who has a strong desire to have a family of his own and to raise children. A man who is honest, chivalrous, attentive, communicative, with a good sense of humor, and finally, who would make me feel like a lady.

Oksana (22 years old pretty Russian girl from Volgograd):

Education: Bachelor's degree
Profession: Accountant
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Russian and Basic English
Hobbies: Reading, aerobics, swimming, travelling, nature, meet my friends, classical music concerts and jazz.
Self Description: I have a University diploma in Economics and I work as an Accountant. I'm positive, happy most of the time, direct, open-minded. I consider myself as affable, intelligent, outgoing and giving.
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet the Man who would not be afraid to open his heart to me and give me a chance to touch his soul ....if it does not sound like your way if you are not ready to give me your attention and energy of everyday if you do not need a friendly ear or any warmth in our home or you are interested just in yourself or you are married to your job - do me a favour.... don t write to me.

Natalya (25 years old Russian girl from Riga/Latvia):

Self Description: I am cheerful, pretty, kind, faithful and sympathetic girls.
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet a faithful, educated, independent and kind man who loves children.






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