Russian ladies know that developing their relationships with American men need efforts and hard work on their part. They will do their best to show that they are elegant, attractive and sexy to be with. Active and sensible, they will make you be grateful treat them with respect and love.

Assuming that you meet the Russian woman of your dreams and you feel you are a excellent match, the usual conclusion will be that you will want to marry and live with her in America. This is where things actually do start to get difficult. Obtaining fiance visa is a minefield.

If you are a marriage minded American man looking for a Russian bride on good Russian dating websites, you might have been surprised at the great quantity of Russian marriage agencies introducing you to the beautiful Russian girls.

Times have changed and due to Internet Russian American marriage now became actual and easy. We are sure that Russian marriage is the best option for any American man.

Keep in mind Russia is home to 10 million more girls then men. The number of women in their 20s noticeably tops the number of men. After the separation, a woman with a child has small chance of getting married again in Russia.

Although there are still woman who are in a hurry to get married with American men. This occurs because it is well known, that the population in Russia are women, when for instance, in the United States of America men population is dominating. As it was stated above the east customs has an influence on Russian women. Therefore, all of them who had married American unite only best things in their marriage from Russian and American traditions.

Keep in mind just a few very large Russian cities have fast Internet services which are more or less reasonable for the average woman. Also, Russians very big country, with its eleven time zones from East to West just started getting fast Internet services established instead of old dial-up connections.

Finally, the answer about why Russian women seek marriage with American men is the feeling of security that these girls are after. It is not all about the economic security, still if having a permanent job is a must for American man who wants to marry a Russian woman, but rather the feeling of security a Russian bride has when marrying an American man.

Here are some quotes of our Russian women's profiles :

Zoia (19 years old Russian woman who is seeking marriage with American man):

Self Description: I am calm, kind, faithful and caring woman.
Seeks Partner: I hope to meet an American man with good heart who seeks a real woman to start a family with

Olga (39 years old Russian woman who is seeking dating):

Self Description: I have:
Wisdom of fifty years old matron
Appearance of forty years old movie star
Sexuality of thirty years old women
A heart of twenty years old young lady
Seeks Partner: Intelligent, calm and loving American man. I don't mind if he is a social drinker or a smoker (I don't smoke myself). If he has children I will accept them as my own.

Inga (27 years old Russian woman looking for marriage with American man):

Self Description: I am kind and nice girl. I am marriage minded and would like to start a family.
Seeks Partner: I would like to date a respectable and nice American man without bad habits.

Irina (31 years old Russian woman from Moscow):

Languages: Fluent English, basic Dutch, basic German, Russian
Hobbies: I like many things in my life, especially sport as swimming, fitness, running, skiing and skating. Love to go out with friend and dance, laugh, have fun and enjoy life. Also like to be in a nature, woods, beach or mountains.
Self Description: I am thoughtful, intelligent and kind. I take good care of my body, and will do the same for my man, and family. I always have something to talk about and we will have fun anyway...
Seeks Partner: I am seeking marriage with a really strong American man not only physically but also mentally. He should be honest and open mined. Never married or divorced, without kids.

Natalya (24 years old marriage minded Russian woman from Saint Petersburg):

Self Description: I am communicative, optimistic, romantic, and sexy girl with sense of humor. I am just waiting for romantic love and serious relationship
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet for serious relationship and marriage an American man with sense of humor who will become my friend and my passion love.






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