Why Russian dating personals give rise to unfavorable criticism? In fact, no one is intending to put Russian girls on sale or show up foreign men. This is the actuality and all we can carry out is to recognize it and find out the motives of the popularity of Russian women dating personals.

Russian women you see their personals on dating sites, frustrated by their love life, don’t have to stay alone during the entire life and have a right for the joy and civilized life. In fact, Russian women, hopelessness in the reality of Russian reality are very courageous and daring, as they have courage to face a new life, full of problems and confusion, but an exit to the better world.

The potential for russian online dating personals is that in most cases men and women begin to talk about getting married or living together and sharing their lives with one another. Expansion one's social group by meeting new people through their husbands also carries a big potential for expanding their lifestyles into additional relationships that are brought together by happy marriage.

Your can find more information about the problem of men shortage in Russia on our other pages. Divided brilliant politicians quite seriously propose entering polygamy into Russia. Still, such way out is definitely weird - first, because of the natural personal wish of Russian women to have a loving family, secondly, because it is completely nonsense. Some women agree to a humiliating role of a mistress maintaining relations with the other woman's husband, hoping that one day the man will run off the family and marry her, suffering from own compelled wickedness and feeling damaged (in Russia there is a popular proverb: You will never start your happiness on the others' disaster. Those who do not want to be a mistress have to search for dating in other countries.

It’s not a secret that all the women on Russian dating personals are different. And it’s not news that they are looking for special things in life. But one thing that is obvious is that everyone looks for love, caring, romance in their marriage.
Dating a pretty Russian woman is a different issue altogether. It does not mean only holding hands and listening to music, or mere telephone talks about who is doing what. They will love to have consequential conversation. Their talk could be filled with plans of marriage, and after-married life too. They might inform how they are ready to give up their everything to get a devoted and caring husband. Women Russian you see on Russian dating personals are not just very sexy in bed, they will be very caring to their husbands in all sides of life. And they will make this felt during the dating days itself.

Here are some quotes of our women Russian dating personals:

Ekaterina (34 years old Russian women who posted her personal advertisement to our dating service):

Education: Bachelor's degree
Profession: Architect
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Good English, Russian
Hobbies: Theatre, circus, books, nature
Self Description: I patient, kind, cheerful, love humour, not vindictive. I don't like to complain, because while one complains, his/her life goes by, and I don't want to waste the precious moments of my life.
Seeks Partner: I seek dating with a kind, tall and serious man. I am not looking for a pen friend or short term relationship. I am looking for a very good life partner who can understand me.

Elena (24 years old Russian woman from Odessa seeking dating):

Profession: Teacher of mathematics
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English, Russian, Ukrainian
Hobbies: I enjoy travelling, fishing, nature, camping
Self Description: I am quite, kind, cheerful, intelligent, family-oriented young woman. Though I like noisy companies but I prefer to relax in quietness somewhere on nature.
Seeks Partner: It would like to date a nice, marriage minded, kind, loving man who loves children and a home coziness.

Svetlana (Applied with her dating personal ad to our Russian office in Moscow):

Education: Arts college
Profession: Designer
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Basic English, Russian
Hobbies: Drawing
Self Description: I am very romantic, sexy and optimistic woman, and open for all my friends and maybe for all the world.
Seeks Partner: I want to meet a reliable, caring and calm man wishing to create a family.

Kira (A Russian woman seeking personal meeting and dating with a serious man):

Country: Russia
City: Seversk
Education: University
Profession: Permanent make-up specialist
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Basic English, Russian
Hobbies: Yoga, meditation, dances
Self Description: I am caring, sensual, sexy and family woman. I value family traditions, love humor and travelling.
Seeks Partner: Responsible, intelligent, educated, have a sense of humor, nonsmoker, social drinker.






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