Russian wives dating services that claim to be free usually require prospective members to supply personal information, before men can search their Russian wives catalogs. Most Russian dating sites allow women to upload pictures and personal information like their age, hobbies, education, etc. Some sites provide free subscription, but their main services require monthly fees. Other Russian wives dating sites depend on advertising for their income.

Even if Russian wives ads say they are looking for a real relationship, chances are the poster will keep their options unlock for a while. Because many Russian wives dating profiles in more than one site, this means they're getting answers from all over the world and from many different men. Flirting with Russian women that will be once men wives is fun, simple and fairly addictive. If men are there only for the fun, then they are wasting their time, but if not, men should be certain that you do not spend all their time browsing Russian wives profiles. Instead, they should focus on a few wives whom they find interesting and would like to get to be acquainted with and meet face to face. This will tidy out the men who are not telling the truth about their status, also remember there is no unserious Russian wives who are seeking dating if they are honest.

What is the reason that men worldwide want Russian wives? The reason is that women in Russia actually want to be beautiful and do their greatest to achieve this aim. Even though the lack of time and small salaries compared with the other countries Russian wives keep their look, figure and fitness systematically. There are both slim and plump ladies in Russia, but there are hardly any seriously uncared ones. Today uncared Russian wives, who pay no awareness to their physical condition and feminine attractiveness, ignore their chances not only in the matters of dating but also fail to find any good paid and decent work.

It is not a secret that there are a lot of differences between Russian wives and western wives, first of all it is related with background and attitude.

Russian wives believe that it is the responsibility of a wife to provide a nice and loving home, and that it is the man’s duty to supply for this family financially. But please note that they will also rather to help their husbands in building their careers and will be a faithful friend to them and offer them good suggestions and supports. Russian wives will be pleased to give a second earnings for the family, as they will feel painful if their salaries are better than their husbands. Russian wives will try to help their partners succeed. Typically, men earn more money in the Russian family since wives main goal is to help kids in their studies, or if the kid is small, they concentrate on bringing up the kid and to establish comfort in the family.

Russian wives prefer dating men who are serious about love and marriage minded, to go out and practice cultural entertainment such as museums, cinemas, picnics, and concerts. Russian wives like art, are fond of visiting museums. They like all kinds of music, and in common, they fancy sharing a lot spiritual matters with their husbands. Keep in mind all above information is about the normal Russian wives, since there are also exceptions to the rules all over the world.

Here are some best quotes of our Russian wives profiles' who are looking for dating:

Elvira (38 years old Russian wife from Volzhsky):

Country: Russia
City: Volzhsky
Education: Higher education
Profession: Doctor
Marital Status: Divorced / 11 y.o. daughter
Languages: Basic English and Russian
Hobbies: Listening to music, hiking, picnics
Self Description: I am womanly, romantic and caring person.
Seeks Partner: 40-60 y.o. I’m not looking for an ideal man with the ideal appearance. I’d like to find a man who is seeking Russian wife with whom it will be interesting and comfortable to spend all my time and whom I’ll be able to love with all my heart.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes
Postal address: Yes

Natalya (29 years old Russian wife from Saint Petersburg):

Education: University
Profession: Bank worker
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English, basic German, Russian
Hobbies: I am fond of drawing, I like arts, different styles of architecture, nature and enjoy travels and visiting beautiful places. I also enjoy home life, just relax with good book or watching TV, doing home, make it cozy, cooking, having nice dinners.
Self Description: I am looking for my soul mate, my life partner and my wish is to build a serious relationship for moving through life together, being a family, caring and supporting each other, where the important things for me are mutual understanding, honesty and respecting personality of each other. I love children very much and my dream is to have my own one day. By my nature I am optimist, open hearted and romantic in my soul, sometimes spontaneous and like to try new things, also I am a sociable person and have a good sense of humor, appreciating it in others.
Seeks Partner: 34-46 y.o. I seek a man who is intelligent, kind, understanding, financially secure, who respects my personality, wishes and mentality, who seeks a beautiful Russian wife, who knows how to treat a woman and wishes to be equal partners in a family life, helping and support each other in everything.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes

Margarita (25 years old Russian wife from Cheboksary looking for dating):

Education: Bachelor's degree
Profession: Accountant
Marital Status: Never been married
Languages: Basic English, basic German, Russian
Hobbies: Reading, cooking
Self Description: I'm a nice and good looking woman. I'm serious and faithful. I don't like to play flirt games. I'm looking for serious relationships and love. I also like to have fun, travelling, to do something together, to go out but not often.
Seeks Partner: He should be patient (I don't speak good English or German, but I'm always ready to learn), has to like children. Because I have one, who lives with me. It doesn't matter if he has his own kids. He shouldn't drink a lot. I don't like very drunk people. He has to have a good sense of humor, to be an optimist and to look for a Russian wife for serious relationships and dating.

Irina (40 years old Russian wife from Moscow):

Marital Status: Single
Languages: Russian and good English.
Hobbies: I enjoy sports and love dancing. That's why aerobics and fitness are in my heart. I am fond of traveling, I'd say I love the process of traveling. I like to see alternating views and sceneries.
Self Description: I like the theater but wish I could go there oftener. A good musical makes me happy. I like going out but I don't fancy night clubs and discotheques, and rather prefer restaurants with a romantic atmosphere. I have a delicate taste and cannot stand vulgarity in anything. I value high quality things and great personalities.
Seeks Partner: 40-60 y.o.I would like to meet a kind, honest, decent, romantic and independent man who is seeking a Russian wife. I would like to start a good family based on mutual understanding and love. I am eager to have children.






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