Most Russian women brides, who are looking for men from other countries, can be of any age. However, most of all they are young brides from 18 till 35 years old. This is specially extends to the brides looking for a husband through Russian singles and dating sites.

Keep in mind for Russian women brides, divorce is a major stress, so they favour to work and work to make a relationship true. Marriage takes effort and that nobody is ideal, so to divorce and find one more partner is not the response.

Russian women brides think about future kids, so they want to be near with a trustworthy men, be protected and live in a secure place to raise kids. They care about a good upbringing, so they think that a father should be a good example for a child. Most men are looking for women who are loving and who grew up in a fine family and in a good environment. So it is vital what kind of family a woman has. A Russian woman bride is looking for a man who can and will really love her and will care about her and children.

When looking for a Russian woman bride for dating and marriage, it is very important to understand precisely what a man and woman are getting into. Honest Russian dating sites are legal and they are plentiful. Before starting a marriage talk with the women, see what their likes and dislikes are. Marriage is a friendship first of all. Always be honest, loving and devoted. These women want to please their husbands and love them. Marriage minded men should do the same for them.

To start love relationships especially with Russian women that lives thousands kilometres away from you is not a simple mission. And tolerance is very significant in it. Sometimes hard conditions and misunderstandings occur. You should understand that it is usual and everything will resolve down as soon as you know each other better.

Russia's men to women percentage is about 88 women to 100 men. That means there are 10 million more women than men in their country. In Russian culture, the social position of a woman is much inferior if she has not married before age thirty. This means there is much rivalry for quality single men in their country.

By worldwide standards these Russian women brides are not financially secure, but equally they are inclined by nature to be kind by nature. It is not a good suggestion to stay on the price of your house, car or anything else for that subject. The women that you wish to pull towards you will postpone by what they believe boasting of such issues and there will be a minority that will be very concerned in knowing how rich a man might be so men have to make decision if this is the type of women they seek?

Finally don’t forget to read all you can about Russian traditions, and try learn to speak some Russian words or short phrases if you can because Russian women will find it much easier to correspond and talk with men who have some Russian language skills.

Here are some best quotes of our Russian women brides profiles' :

Liliya (A 28 years old Russian women bride who is looking for marriage):

Country: Russia
City: Syktyvkar
Education: Bachelor's degree
Profession: Publishing business
Marital Status: Single
Languages: English, Bulgarian and Russian
Hobbies: Sports, driving, languages, travelling
Self Description: I think my best quality is my great sense of humor. I also like such qualities in myself as affection, kindness, and romantics. Of course, as any Russian woman I have some shortcomings, but I think they are insignificant. I can explain romantics as an everyday feeling of happiness, perception of the beauty of common things, creation and keeping my own inimitable world. We must rejoice at love and at every day of it.
Seeks Partner: 28-45 y.o. I'd like to find my second half, a man who is looking for a Russian woman bride, with whom I can create a comfortable home, full of love and warmth. I want to find somebody with whom I can share my life, someone I can love and take care of. Someone with whom I can bring up children.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes
Postal address: Yes

Valeria (Russian women bride from Petrozavodsk):

Name: Valeria
Education: University
Profession: Student
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Russian and English
Hobbies: I must say that I adore music and listen to it everywhere. I like all sorts of music - classic, modern, pop, such groups as Scorpions, Metallica, Savage Garden, Adriano Celentano, Enrique Iglesias, Westlife, Lighthouse Family, Sting and many others. In my free time I like to cook something delicious and exquisite, I am fond of taking care of plants and like recreation in nature's lap; I also like skiing, skating or playing tennis.
Self Description: I am open and easy going person, romantic and honest Russian woman
Seeks Partner: 22-30 y.o. I am seeking a good man for marriage and true love, to be devoted bride for him forever.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes
Postal address: Yes
ICQ: Yes

Sofia (A Sexy Russian women bride from Saint Petersburg):

Country: Russia
City: St.Petersburg
Education: Bachelor's degree
Profession: Designer-decorator
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English, Russian
Hobbies: Dances, literature
Self Description: I am a Russian woman bride who value faithfulness, openness and freedom. I seek a man with whom I would be myself.
Seeks Partner: I seek an open, honest, active and strong man who loves arts and dances.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes
Postal address: Yes

Marina (34 years old Russian women bride from Ekaterinburg):

Education: Bachelor's of economics
Profession: Stylist
Marital Status: Divorced / 7 y.o. daughter and 12 y.o. son
Languages: Basic English and Russian
Hobbies: Sport, outdoor activities
Self Description: I am independent, strong and self-respected Russian woman who want to meet an interesting and strong man beside whom I will feel myself a real lady, whom I will love and give all my tenderness and caring.
Seeks Partner: Over 35 y.o. Over 180 см (5' 11"). I would like to meet a man who has a big desire to build his love with a Russian woman bride, has a good sense of humour and has no bad habits.






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