Many sites for Russian women who are seeking love, with members coming from all Russian cities looking for love and serious relationships. Other agencies are more exact, based on the type of women, interests, place, or relationship preferred.

If you are really seeking love with Russian women your profile should be decent. Nothing good can come from you fabricating stories about yourself, whether it is using other people photos, lying about your age, job or education. It can also make Russian women angry when they find out you are not what they anticipated.

If you decided to find Russian woman then you should be worry about some significant issues. When you put your profile on a (love) site, you should let yourself go and place a picture on the Internet. Remember some Russian women only search pictures so if you're really looking for love with Russian women, place nice photos. Be aware that if a Russian woman contacted you on a free site and claims to be in love with you in the first mail, avoid such women.

Russian woman don’t have a family but she has all of her extra needs taken care of, then they usually will not be glad and satisfied without love. This is the reason why Russian women put such supreme meaning on finding a good, right husband for her love, family life and marriage rather than on making their own career the chief priority.

On the other hand, we can say that in general, Russian women have a healthy and natural loom to matters like sex. Generally, Russian women are loving and very caring. Remember sex is not the least important in their life. Many women write me that they are looking for love with men who do not suffer from sexual issues. Some women even place these details about wanting a nice and healthy sexual life on their profiles.

So many Russian women who are looking for love with their men. Russian women looking out for marriage will love it if their men can study their language, but it is not a precondition for a date. Most Russian women can speak English quite well currently, and they would be very willing to learn your language, irrespective of whether you have an leaning to learn Russian or not. Some words could please them, though. Try greeting a Russian woman by saying (Ya tebya liublu) and it means (I love you) in Russian. You will see the happiness on Russian women faces with just that one single phrase.

Here are some quotes of our Russian women who are seeking love with foreign men:

Marina (21 years old student):

Education: University
Profession: Student
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English, Russian and Ukrainian
Hobbies: I like some outdoors activities. I am further interested in being with my friends, reading, walking, etc
Self Description: As for my character I’m calm and self-controlled, I’m kind, considerate, lovely and tender Russian woman.
Seeks Partner: I would like to meet a devoted, sincere, sympathetic, kind and romantic Christian gentleman. I hope he will have a sense of humor and will love children.

Olga (41 years old Russian woman from Yekaterinburg):

Education: University
Profession: Manager
Marital Status: Divorced / 7 y.o. daughter
Languages: Good English, basic German, basic Spanish, Russian
Hobbies: I like sports (figure skating, snow skiing, swimming, aerobics), ballet, choreography, belly dance, theater, foreign languages, traveling, dancing, reading.
Self Description: I think I am a kind and honest Russian woman. The most important for me is how the person is inside. I am loyal and flexible friend. My friends can always count on me. I am active and energetic person - I like to do many things in life. I do not believe that life should be boring - there are so many opportunities to make it colorful and beautiful.
Seeks Partner: I dream about having a happy united family with happy children, a loving husband and a warm, cozy house. I'd like my family to spend their weekends out in nature. I want to see the sunrise every morning together with my beloved. It seems I am a romantic lady! I would like to meet an intelligent, kind, polite man who is gentle, honest and considerate. The most important thing for me is how a person is on the inside. I would like to meet someone with similar interests and also plan a future with. But the most importantly, he must be someone I can trust. I would like my future friend to be realistic, trustworthy, sensible and flexible.
I propose you to discover inner world of each other and in this way we will reach the beauty of outside world and will be able to find whether we are created for each other. I'm looking for my one and only man - my future husband and a father of our future children. And I'm ready to give him love, understanding, care, trust, everything I have, everything I can and I expect the same from him. I think it is honest. I think that the perfect family it is when wife and husband are part and parcel of a single whole, when two halves supplement each other physically and spiritually. I can be peaceful, calm and friendly. I like and I can make everything around me colorful and exiting! I will wait for your letter with a great impatience.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes
Postal address: Yes

Olesya (30 years old Russian woman from Moscow looking for love):

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Education: Musical academy
Profession: Musician
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English and Russian
Hobbies: I love reading French classics and east philosophy, cinema, picnics
Self Description: I am a sociable, lovely Russian woman and have many acquaintances and some friends. I like meeting new people and seeing new places. I think I am adventurous and sometimes risky, but I can also be very prudent and cautious. Everything depends on the situation, as well as my mood. I am a pretty happy person in general but like any normal human being I might feel sad occasionally. In such minutes I want to have someone to share my sorrows with and to nestle up to… But I am single, have never been married. Of course there are admirers, but somehow I still haven't met the right man and I don't feel anything towards those who are interested me. I need understanding, love, support, affection, faithfulness on a long-term basis. All these qualities are really hard to find in Russia. That's why I decided to look abroad and I do hope to meet my soul mate. I have very much pent up love and emotion to give to the right person. Love, and be loved. Dare and do. This is what I want.
Seeks Partner: I am looking for a tall man up to 40 y.o., who is also looking for his soul mate and wants to have a family based on love with a Russian woman.
E-mail: Yes
Phone: Yes
Postal address: Yes

Oksana (A loving Russian woman from Saint Petersburg):

Education: Bachelor's degree
Profession: Self employed
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Intermediate English and Russian
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, getting to know something new for myself, making discoveries, and pleasing my close people.
Self Description: I am friendly, very pliable, accommodating to different situations, energetic, sociable, self-confident, feminine. I am also cheerful and easygoing woman. From time to time I like to hang out with friends, to have a talk, to dinner out. But I am a marriage-minded and family-oriented woman.
Seeks Partner: 30-42 y.o. I am looking for love with someone who is family-oriented, kind, sensual and tender, caring, responsible, with a sense of humor.






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