Marriage sites are very nice places to date Russia women, and you may get lucky and find a good and honest dating site. Russian women are beautiful and cute, and it will probably mean that you won’t be bored by one of these fascinating women. Men often ask us why date Russian women others are skeptical about it, others don’t even believe such women really exist.

Men in Russia do not remuneration too much dishonor to their fantasy, and every once in a while act in a sense that a western worldly choice be completely surprised (if not to state - stunned). In compensation exemplar, Russian men can engage fancy missing and greeting vodka in the middle of the round in the afternoon, when all of them in America vigorously commission at this alter. Russian men are not willing to big risk and fine gestures; in fact, it is obstinate to name them as romantics. And after all, any Russian woman wants to be regularly surrounded with attention and love.

Be sincere and open in your emails, highlight visibly your likes and dislikes. The more you talk about in your emails the less conflicts you will have in future. Say your views on major matters such as family, kids, mutual life, etc.

Despite the fairly small salaries Russian women spend some money on make ups and dresses. Many of them keep to a diet or go in for sports to remain in a great shape. They do so not only to win the hearts and catch appreciative looks of men, they think that keeping up with the latest tendencies in fashion is extremely essential. They have also realized the importance of leading a healthy life-style and having up to date looks. It is considered that a lady who knows how to dress up and be present at herself has a lot additional chances to get married. Besides many of them fund out how to sew or knit from the early days because these abilities are thought to be of a huge require if one wants to dress up at smallest amount of expenses. But for sure the Russian woman skill to sew or to cook is not sufficient for a successful marriage.

So why Russian men don't date Russian women? Possibly they just used to all that beauty and wonderful Russian women and don't observe them any longer, and this might be the biggest reason for Russian women to seek date with men from other countries.

So why date beautiful Russian women does not have to be something that is reserved for only wealthy or handsome men. Any man can realize simple tips to draw women that will let them to be able to date sexy Russian women that they never thinking they would be able to. If you desire to date beautiful women, then you have to be honest with yourself first.

If you are not convinced about yourself that this is all worth for you, then why date or email sexy Russian women. Russian women who are members of a reliable dating we matchmaking sites have already prepared themselves before they decides to subscribe themselves as a possible candidate to date marriage minded single foreign. They are not looking for chat or pen pal friends, they look for a date and find husbands.

Because Russian women are a healthy steadiness of conventional values and a modern, liberal outlook, Russian girls have the intelligence and sympathy to adapt to an surroundings of the west without giving up its standards and traditions.

Another reason about why date Russian women is education. Russia is a country with a history which goes behind the thousands of years and one of the richest cultures on earth, that is why the women of these countries are informed usually good. Since of the rigorous Soviet school structure, Russia maintains always certain standards of the education top in the world producing 70% of their population with university degrees.

Here are some quotes from our women profiles and by reading them you will understand why men should date Russia women:

Tatyana (33 years old Russian woman from Kiev):

Education: Higher education
Profession: Lawyer
Marital Status: Divorced / 3 and 12 y.o. sons
Languages: Basic German, basic English, Russian, Ukrainian
Hobbies: Sports, painting
Self Description: I am a non drinker-smoker Russian woman. In a relationship I appreciate mutual honesty, sincerity and loyalty.
Seeks Partner: 35-52 y.o. I seek a date with honest, kind, loves children and loyal. Preferably non smoker and social drinker.
E-mail: Available
Phone: Available
Postal address: Available

Valentina (23 years old Russian woman who explain why she seeks date with a foreign man):

Education: Technical secondary school
Profession: Accountant
Marital Status: Singel
Languages: Basic English, Russian and Ukrainian
Hobbies: I enjoy good company, music. I adore literature, ballet, like to dance, to go to the theatre and cinema. Like most Russian women I am fond of talking but at the same time I am a good listener. I love life and take it the way it is. My interests are various: I like flowers, to make home cozy, to read and to travel.
Self Description: I am sociable and like people I believe in love and I am waiting for something romantic to happen in my life. I hope that in this unusual way of meeting my love my dream will come true and there will be a lot of nice things in my life. Marriage for me is a mutual work of two people.
Seeks Partner: 27-40 y.o. I would like to date a man who likes this life, enjoys it and does want to have friendly family. In men I value hopefulness and knack of doing holiday from ordinary day. I am looking for someone who can spend time with me doing what I love to do and doing what he loves to do. If you liked my pictures and interested in further correspondence, please, write me back.

Alena (A Russian woman that put in plain words why she is interested to date from abroad):

Education: University
Profession: Student
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Basic English, Russian and Ukrainian
Hobbies: My spare time I like to spend on nature (going outside to the beach). I also like reading, going to the theater, going in for sport (swimming pool), traveling, moreover I can and like to cook various dishes.
Self Description: I am calm, peaceful. I am very sensitive, frank, kind, tender, attentive, cheerful, optimistic Russian woman with a sense of humor.
Seeks Partner: Hope for a date and real meeting with a man of 25-35 y.o. who has serious intentions and wants to create his own family. I hope he will be kind, considerate, loving husband and caring father for our future children. I also hope he will be generous and willing to share his love, care and life with me.
E-mail: Available
Postal address: Available
Phone: Available

Svetlana (29 years old Russian woman looking for dating and marriage):

Country: Russia
City: Naberezhnye Chelny
Education: University
Profession: Manager at insurance company
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Good English, Russian
Hobbies: Music, gardening, books, pets
Self Description: I am an optimistic and realistic Russian woman. I try to see only beautiful things in life. I am very friendly and sociable person with good sense of humor. I know how I can keep spirits up and it’s difficult to get bored with me.
Seeks Partner: I am looking for dating with someone who I can fall in love with and have romantic and sensitive relationships. A honest one who lives life with passion. Someone who will care about me and allow me to love and care about him.






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