If you're serious about wanting to be with a great Russian woman, then there are some easy steps you can take, just be sure to read our guidelines and tips. What is very important if the woman doesn't actually seem interested in you, and doesn't make space for you in her future life by not answering your emails and phone calls. I she doesn't really want to meet you, then just don't waste your valuable time(or money) waiting for a reaction from her. Go and contact other women. And remember there are so many great Russian women wanting to date and seeking marriage with an honest man.

Name: Anastasia
Age: 26
Height: 170 cm 5' 7"
Weight: 51 kg 112.5 lbs
Country: Russia
City: Novosibirsk
Education: High school
Profession: Seller
Marital Status:
Languages: Basic English and Russian
Hobbies: Sports, dancing, modelling
Self Description: I think I am an organized and disciplined woman. I am patient and supportive. I like stylish clothes and always look well. My friends say I am a friendly and compassionate girl.
Seeks Partner: 26-36 y.o. I do not expect you to be ideal. But if you are looking for a great true love and for a woman of your life, write to me.






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