The best way to keep a Russian girls interested in you, is to demonstrate you are interested in her as a person, give sign interest in her family, country and class, better still take some time out after a time to learn a little about Russia, Russian world and culture, this will show her you marriage minded and really are affectionate in her, and not just interested in a quick one night sex relationship.

First of all, it is a fantasy that all girls from Russia are looking for a husband in Australia. Actually, in reality, the number of girls who really want to leave Russia is only a little percentage of their population.

Among the many parts which persuade Russian girls to look for husbands in Australia are:

- They may have heard that Australian men are more romantic and caring than men in their Russia.
- They may have had bad experiences with men in Russia, especially with alcoholism.

And for those who decided to look for a Russian girl for marriage it is very significant to know for sure what Russian girl expects from man on their first dating.

Australian men always want their girls to be exciting with plenty of sex attract. They don't prefer it when they are ordinary and don't do anything to arouse his senses. The fact is a Russian girls are able to hold their interest and love.

Only if she is satisfied with her appearance will she feel O.k. and have a good mood. You’ll be very astonished if you come to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus that you’ll see a lot of gorgeous, beautiful and sexy Russian girls walking on the street. Everybody has her own style and look.

As an Australian man whose Russian wife will be immigrating to be with him, your life will not vary too much. You will have the same friends, the same job, and the same circumstances of living. Your Russian girl would have better conditions for living in Australia. We can say to you that the mass of Russian girls would not relocate if they could find a (normal) man in Russia.

When you admit yourself to be open to the cold, hard fact that Russian girls dating is different, you will start to recognize why this is vital if you really want to be in a serious relationship with a Russian girl that will lead to marriage.

Regarding speaking about sex topics with your Russian girl via email, it is common to express your feelings, but do this very cautiously and gradually. Do not write very confident things before meeting face to face. Of course, once you have met personally, you may discuss many more points.

Do you know that all Russian girls are romantic? So they like the smell of flowers, the dance of waves, walks under the stars. Russian girls have had only one example of men and they are Russian men. To be honest, the most of Russian men are very romantic in the beginning of dating relationship, but then the question arises for many Russian girls as to where all of this has disappear after marriage for a couple of months.

Be very cautious with the Russian girls’ marriage and dating sites you subscribe with. When your intentions are serious and you are looking for a Russian girl with marriage in mind, keep away from doubtful dating sites that can be flooded with con artists and scammers. Furthermore, think twice before placing a picture of yours in men’s pages where you wear nothing but bathing shorts. A smart Russian girl looking for a serious relationship will not like this. Choose legitimate agencies which dating services can be trusted. If you meet a Russian girl on a site, and she didn’t give you her private phone number after you've been in email exchanging for a while, then you should ask yourself what is the reason. Some Russian girls dating sites addressed for Australian men have frequent cases of agencies simply writing emails to you so that you pay them each time you open or send an email via their internal mailing system.

The key to success though is concentrating on the real Russian girl or girl. Having in mind all the issues mentioned above, learn about the real person she is. Be honest and open while communicating with her. Let her know who you are and that your intentions are serious.

With dozens (perhaps hundreds) of online Russian girls dating sites and marriage agencies existing for the sole purpose to introduce Russian girls and Australian men, it is now easier than ever before. Besides, the fact that our world is becoming more of a usual now more than any other time in human history means it's possible to meet a Russian girl from anywhere in the world, even from Australia.
Do you really want to be with a Russian girl? Sure, they are beautiful, sensual, passionate and intelligent. But, are you really ready for a Russian relationship?

Some Australian dating agencies with Russian brides are very good organised and know how to bring up beautiful Russian girls. Besides the photos of Russian girls some give a short video of the girl seeking a husband in Australia. Language barriers often pose a problem with Russian girls and dating agencies so the girl's video will show the level of her English knowledge.

Dating and marriage agencies devoted to Russian girls who are looking for marriage in Australia are countless so this area will continue to grow.

Here are some quoted e-mails we received from our Australian visitors and members:

- I had never known any Russian or Eastern European girl....but I do know one now...and she is absolutely what you said.....and she is definitely what she said as well...

- Russian and Ukrainian girls are trying to get out of their country because her country is a poor place.

- Australian girls make it sound like Russia is dirty and poor, but I been over there, and it isn't Dubai, but it isn't sub-Saharan Africa either. So do Australian girls say this, cause they realize the girls in Russia and Ukraine are superior to them in terms of looks, brains, and personality/attitude? If Australian girls, had better attitudes (the beautiful ones), and lose the weight, I think they would not say this.

- There is also a difference of attitude. A young beautiful girl from Russia is culturally aware of the world compared to the same time of girl in Australia. There are more beautiful girls in Russia and Ukraine compared with Australia. It's pretty much a no-brainer. There are always exceptions to every rule, but this is true.

- Not all Australian girls act that way, and not all Australian girls are fat. And not all Russian girls are beautiful, smart, or fun to be around.

- Dear agency Russian girls, whatever they are, do you notice how they all dress the same? Like I mean they all wear like knee high skirts and high heels. Don't you think?





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