Why are Russian girls looking for husbands in the USA? There are many speculations and rumors, but when it comes to the truth about Russian girls looking for love and marriage in the USA, it is very simple. All Russian girls’ purpose and aim is not to relocate to a country where there is a high standard of living and they don’t have thoughts such as: Alright, the USA is a wonderful country. All men there are wealthy and rich, so they will also have big money with my future husbands. No, the majority of Russian girls are not thinking in this way. Russian girls are willing to find a really good husband, the right match for them. They are willing to move to Canada, France or the USA to be with YOU not because they don’t love Russia.

One of the most striking qualities of girls from Russia is their physical beauty. Maybe one of the main motives about why many men argue that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world is that they take much care with their look. Not only the way that they dress, which is very very sexy and feminine but also the careful attention to their hair, nails and makeup.

The key to marrying a Russian girl is to remember by men from the USA that all relationships are based on love, trust and kindness. Yes, there will be ups and downs, and being in a relationship where cultural and language differences exists can be tougher than most. However it also could be the one ground why you and your Russian girl experience a exceptional bond that most men will never get to experience. To defeat the challenges specific to marrying a Russian girl, simply be prepared and know how to keep your Russian wife happy.

Dating a Russian girls will cost you money. Each agency is offering services to you, not least of which is the translation of emails and phone calls between you and the girls. It will cost money. If you use the reputable services and sites, you can rest assured that the girls are genuine. However, keep in mind most Russian girls speak English (they all learn English in Schools) and some of these girls might already visited the USA as a tourist.

We know and understand that sex is an important issue in men’s life in the USA and that sometimes people are not well-matched partners in regards to this. Differences in sexuality can even guide to unfaithfulness and in some circumstances even to a divorce. But we recommend you to discuss everything about such intimate topics after personal meeting when the moment for this subject becomes natural, normal and unforced. When a man and a girl love one another and spend time personally with each other, then this matter is a usual one to bring up. We believe that maybe it’s even not essential to discuss this matter, because your meeting will decide everything itself. The chemistry between you and your Russian girl is very important.

There are a lot of divorces in Russia not because the economical condition is bad there, but because men drink and run around on their wives a lot more that most men in the USA and other Western men do. They do not trust one another. In contrast, Men from the USA have a good reputation in Russia for being superior husbands who treat their wives well and are usually loyal to them.

Visit of the restaurant is a holiday or a special event for a Russian girl. If you arrive to Russia from the USA to meet your girl, make your meeting as a fairy tale for her. She has to experience that you are that only man she was waiting for so long. Make your meeting unforgettable holiday. And don't be afraid that your adored will think that this holiday will last for the whole life.

Remember if you offer most Russian girls material wealth, then the mass of girls will feel uncomfortable and will think that you are trying to buy them. For them, it is more significant what kind of feelings you have towards them, and that you possess love, care, respect, understanding, sincerity, and so on.

Here are some quoted e-mails we received from our visitors and members:

- North American girls, South American girls and even West European girls are all jealous obviously. It's a girl thing I must say. It's universal. Also East European girls are jealous and mean when they see their men marrying foreign girls, this is especially true with Russian girls. It's human nature and there's not much you can do about it.

- Russian girls, are a way to make money off of the USA they aired it on dateline do not buy into it. It's another way of duking then the USA if you love your country then go to myspace and get you a red blooded america it's faster and much cheaper or if you want female loyalties than i suggest a Mexican or a foreigner but never mother russian the leftist wants you to think it's ok but the left has going to far left.

- Why are Russian girls supposed to be the best wives?
It seems to me there is a tendency in our society that Russian or Ukrainian girls become more and more popular. But I wonder why this is so. I have recently visited your site and was surprised at how interested they are in men from the USA. Is this really so? Are American men so popular among Russian girls?

- I have been to Russian many times and I know Russian girls well enough. One of my friends has a Russian wife and they are really happy. I guess that this is actually true that Russian girls can make the best wives in the world. Those who do not want to admit that just do not know them at all. Of course there are bad and good people in any nationality, but mostly Russian girls are so marriage minded and family oriented, caring, loving, and devoted to their spouse. That is the fact.

- I don't think that Russian girls are supposed to bet the best wives. It is more likely that since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe that just like the rest of the world, there is a wide gap between the hive’s and the have-not's. There are many Russian girls that are looking to get out from under their situation and there lots of shady organizations and websites that we specialize in "helping" these girls find true love with men from the USA. Many girls that choose these paths find themselves basically sold to someone in a foreign country... and in the worst cases, into the sex trade. Now it can probably also be said that there are more traditional cultures out there that probably raise girls to be more submissive to their husbands and to focus more to their thoughts and energies on to their men. That is probably the main appeal for some men I guess. I can tell you that when I grew up during the cold war there were lots of jokes about Russian girls and wearing army boots etc... girls are beautiful all over the world and men like to daydream about girls.

- I always understood that Russian girls make the best wives, but I'm sure any girl will if the match is right. A lot of girls want husbands form the USA as they treat them better, are wealthier and many want to live in the west. Russian girls will be among these, they are very often stunning and educated girls.

- Well about (mail order bride) girls, I think maybe the Russian and Ukrainian girls were well-liked in their day, but I think it's more oriental girls these days.

- In Russia, people are raised to believe that all men in the USA are rich, and awesome, and that if you live in the USA everything is great, so these girls post their profiles on the internet and some fat assess finds them and starts writing to them, (the dude usually is to lame to find a girl in the USA because American chicks are too smart). Then eventually asks them to marry him, she naturally says yes, this isss what she wanted, right? Then they get married, and she lives with him and it's just like a normal marriage, but... unfortunately some times the husband isn’t what they thought he would be and it sucks, my relative has friends that are Russian brides, some of them are happy with their marriage and some got pretty much scammed like one of the girl's husbands makes her work two jobs while he doesn’t do anything and she can't go back to Russia because she cant afford it.. But.. this really should just be a normal marriage you have to love each other wise it wont work. Maybe some Russian girls are naive, they want a rich, American, nice, guy, who will also love them, they think everyone is like that in the USA.

Here are some quotes from Russian girls forums’ sites:

- I want to try one of these russian girls websites. I cannot get a passport will they come here to meet? Can anyone recommend a service that will be easy for me to meet and marry a beautiful russian model quality girl and that doesn't require me to travel to Russia?

- I won't lecture you as others have, since much of what they say is lacking any basis in fact or actuality.

You have 3 things against you:

1- The 2006 IMBRA law, which will oblige you to disclose why you can't get a passport (any criminal arrests or convictions, restraining orders, divorces, etc). This have to be done previous to you have contact with a girl. Note that any agency which does not ask you to fill in the disclosure before you contact girls is a fraud or scam site.

2- Single Russian girls rarely can get a visa to visit the USA prior to marriage. Russian and Ukrainian girls get rejected 99.9% of the time for visitor visas to the USA.

3- You can't apply for immigration visa until after you travel there to meet your Russian girl at least once, and it requires much more than a single visit to prove a relationship for a visa.

- Do you think it's morally reprehensible, and almost like prostitution? Or are you OK with it? And do you think the idea of Russian mail-order girls makes your country look bad? I always thought Russian girls preferred to marry decent Russian men, so is it true that those who do go through the 'mail-order' process are doing it just for the US visa?

- It's not prostitution, and in most cases, it's not even about the visa.

Take a look at the male-to-female gender ratio worldwide...

It's more interesting when you click on the third column, and sort the data by rank. You'll notice at the bottom of the list:
- Lithuania 0,89
- Belarus 0,88
- Latvia 0,86
- Russian Federation 0,86
- Ukraine 0,86
- Estonia 0,84

The bottom of the list is filled out by countries of the former Soviet Union.

In mathematical terms, that ratio of .86 you see for Russia and Ukraine translates to 116 girls for every 100 men. Or to be slightly less specific, it's almost as if to say that 1 out of every 5 girls is unable to find a man to marry.

Now, think that when there are tons of available girls, the men don't try as hard.

Think about that for a while. Some of the most beautiful girls in the world, and they can't even get the attention of a drunk man in a bar. As an USA citizin, that's hard to imagine, but that's reality for many women in the former Soviet Union!

Now, let's look at a different side...

The girls’rights movement and gender equality push in the US has removed much of the allure from the average American girl. Instead of graceful, gorgeous, feminine creatures that men fawn over, most American men are left to compete for the one girl who still owns a dress.

American girls are loud, assertive, castrating creatures, who think its okay to leave the house and go out in public in their pyjamas! They've stopped being girls, and they've stopped letting men be men.

So imagine how an American man feels when he finds a beautiful girl, who is feminine and graceful, and who lets him be a man! Imagine how he feels when she waits by the car door for him to open it.

And imagine how the Russian girl feels when she meets a man who pays so much attention to her! Imagine how she feels when he doesn't ignore her or yell at her or worse... Imagine how it makes her feel when he buys her a new dress, or says "hey, let ME do the dishes tonight."

No... it's nothing at all like prostitution. Sure, as with anything, you will have those who misuse the system. There are going to be girls who see it as a golden ticket to a visa, and there are going to be men who see it as a beautiful housekeeper who will also have sex with you, and those people are unfortunate.

But for most, it is genuine. They really do fall in love. And actually, they stay together longer than an average American marriage! By the way I have several friends who have married Russian girls.





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