Nowadays there are many ways to get together and meet Russian women who look like models. One of the most ordinary is on Russian marriage sites, there are many to select from, however it is always wise to do some browsing on the Internet as there are many doubtful and fake sites offering all sorts of services numerous of which may be bogus and nothing but a scam.

Married Russian woman wants to be in a relationship where she and her husband do everything together. Russian couples act as real couples, and this is a very significant point for anybody from Europe and other countries who is used to girls acting alone. Russian marriage is different, and you need to be aware that if you married with a woman from Russian, your Russian wife will suppose you to be her second half in every respect.

Fitness is very significant for women and models a like in Russia, and you will see many brides mention in their personal advertisements and profiles on marriage sites that they are interest in skating, gymnastics, shaping, aerobics, swimming and many other sports.

If you are going to finalize your relationship with a Russian girl to marriage, keep in mind that Russian language is very important to your future wife. So your future children should to speak it beside your native language.

Some of the most gorgeous and beautiful women in the world are of Russian top models. Russian supermodels offer exotic looks with drop dead sexy and gorgeous bodies. Russian supermodels also have something else going for them, that sexy accent. These are not the soviet women anymore. Here are some of top Russian models:

Anna Selezneva is a Moscow borne blonde bombshell who measures a 33-24-35 at five foot nine inches. She was born on February 28, 1982, in Gorky, Russia. She lived with her mother and two half-sisters under meager and tough conditions. The poor lifestyle was a result of Soviet Union's road to collapse and its aftermath. The political and economic conditions took a harsh toll on Natalia's family, as she had to start working at the age of eleven. Natalia and her family sustained eachother with a fruit stall business. She is a sleek and very beautiful woman with international modeling appeal. Most noted as the tenth ranked model in 2008 and her Vogue covers, Anna is a beauty to remember.

Natalia Vodianova is a girl next-door beauty with long legs and a sexy smile. She is a Cover Girl with curves to the tune of 33-23-33 along her lushes five foot nine frame. Natalia is the pride of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and has a long and prosperous career ahead of her.

Masha Novoselova hails from Tula Russia, is a high fashion model with a long portfolio, and is especially known for her lips and body. Another five foot nine beauty with an extra curvy 35-24-35 and extraordinarily long leg, this Russian supermodel is a babe to recon with.

Natasha Poly is a wickedly sexy woman that command attention whenever she graces the catwalk. Her vivacious looks and killer body leave many dreaming of what it might be like to be with this 34-24-35, five foot ten Goddess.

Regina Feoktistova from Moscow owns the pout. Her lips draw allot of attention, but wait you really need to acknowledge those long and tender legs. This Russian supermodel is an absolute gorgeous woman and holds all the cards with a 33-23-35 sweet frame that towers at five foot eleven.

Why men from all over the world are so crazy about Russian women? The reason is that girls in Ukraine and Russia really want to be sexy and beautiful and do their best to do this. Regardless small income for most Russian girls (We don't talk about high paid Russian top/super models), keep their look, figure and body thoroughly.

Here are some quotes from Russian women forums’ sites:

- You can't order Russian brides models from catalog. You can choose a woman from a marriage agency and remember that you have to visit her in Russia or Ukraine. And if you and she liked each other and you both decided that the relationship is serious and want to get married you have to apply for permission in USCIS. Then your future wife has to go to the embassy of the United States of America with all the papers and documents that prove you have serious relationship and this is not a fake marriage. And then the official will give her a fiancée visa if the documents are OK.

- Russian models enjoy pleasing people around them more than themselves. They are more homebodies but they do like a night out on the town. A Russian wife will make a superb hostess and a great companion.

- I think that Russian models are classy, beautiful chic and have an individual fashion style that suits them very well ... I wish I can find a Russian model for marriage.

- I am very interested in dating a model like Russian woman but I don't actually know much about Russian culture and their approach towards marriage and dating. I also find Russian girls more traditional than Italian girls. I believe Russian women are different when it comes to dating and relationships contrasting to European females. Though most women on marriage sites look like model, but I feel most of them are modest and very more romantic.





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