Finding the right woman is not the easiest thing to do, but Russian women forum can certainly make things more easy. These forums admits you to get to know peoples experience while their were searching for Russian women for marriage. Many Russian women dating sites allows you to view various women’s interests and hobbies before you even begin emailing them.

Just a look at the number of Miss World first place winners will tell you about the stunning beauty of Russian women. They are inherently sexy and beautiful just as Russia is. What sets them apart is their attractiveness and charm that is reflected in a very feminine style, not found in western women. Russian women are just the type a man would want to take home to introduce to his parents as a potential bride.

Russia is one country that is bestowed with natural charm all over. This blessing is also reflected in its women. They are stunningly beautiful and charming, and they have attributes that make men from other countries go dementedly after them. Russian women are homely by nature, which is a quality most like by men from all over the world. They consider that nuptial knot is sacred, and are loyal and devoted to their husbands and family till death which is a quality almost never found in Western women. While women from western countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia put their careers first, Russian women do not hesitate to abandon their careers to save the foundations of a family.

Most russian women forum shows that the aim of all Russian marriage sites is to make available a portal where young men and women can register and correspond with each other with the intention of developing a serious relationship. It is no secret that conventional methods of dating are now out dated and most men find a date for themselves through these dating sites and gain information on russian women forum. They get a wider choice of women on these sites as there are thousands of pictures of marriage –minded and beautiful women along with their personal advertisements and anyone who is anxious of having a serious relationship can easily do so sitting in the comfort of his own home.

Russian women are easy to get married. Do you know why? because they do not want to get married with Russian men so they sign up on dating agencies with hope to find foreign men, American men or others. Russian women forums and sites provide the means for both, dating women and American men, seek with each other on the internet. These services are not the same as russian women forums. They are different. Seeking dates on the Internet is not the same as Russian women services. After you know a woman from any dating site, then you contact her, talk to her, and you have to travel to Russia for a face to face meeting.

Most part of Russian women forum offer a free registration process, however a small fee may take place as you move further on and be willing to contact another remember. In some instance the charge is only applied to men willing to contact women while it is absolutely free of charge for Russian women.

There is no doubt that Russian women forum and dating sites are widely successful globally. But, the word of caution for most seekers is as follows - Make a ground work on finding the best service.

It is significant to say that some russian women forums and dating sites are meant for discussion services only. Others seriously work out to bring people closer to each other. Online communication is developed increasingly and ultimately relations reach a stage of marriage. These Russian women dating sites are open for signing up from any country. Russian women are the ones who are seen using such Russian mareriage services as they want to marry a western man and lead a happy family life.

At this point in time, none of the russian women forums and dating sites are perfect. Each one has its pros and cons. Many men have bad experiences and issues with Russian dating, and while it is easy to guilt the agencies and think that you're just being scammed all the time, if you want to succeed with Russian dating you simply need to get as many information as possible from russian women forums.

Remember Internet dating is as safe as you make it. You clearly need to use caution when you are entering data into your profile on free sites. Never use your home address, your home phone number, your cell phone number, or anything else that could be used to specially identify and locate you by someone with negative intentions. You can supply that information to somebody that you have exchanged email with and have to know a little bit, starting with providing a mobile phone number, and maybe not even providing your home address until you have personally meet that woman by mutual agreement in a open place like a café. The safety issue of online Russian women dating is entirely in your hands, since no one is forcing you to reveal personally-identifying information about yourself (This was discussed on russian women forums).

Here are some quotes from Russian women forums’ sites:

Russian women forum 1: Always do your research on the company before joining their service: The biggest issue with most agencies are their legitimacy in this industry. It is extremely crucial to find out who provides the best service before you make a decision to travel. Make sure that you check the company out on the Better Business Bureau and other companies such as This will give you a great idea as to the track record of success with any business your doing research on. Another way to get well informed on an IMA (International Marriage Agency) would be to check out the company in question’s testimonials or position page. If the company you are researching has virtually no references or testimonials this most likely is a major reflection on the business practices performed by the agency you are checking out.

Russian women forum 2: I really need advice about a woman from Ukraine. I meet her on a dating site back in the start of October 2009. From the start there have been a good stream of letters and she sent me a lot of nice photos where she is a home and other places in Ukraine. Also photos of her son, parents and even 3 small videos taken by a girlfriend – one where she’s bowling and 2 from parks in her town. Also in the end of November I booked and paid for tickets so I could go down and meet her in the start of January 2010.

In the end of November I asked a little bit about sex, since I think that talking about sex is a natural thing. She told me that she is important but she didn’t want to talk about because she thought it was to early to talk about that. 3 weeks later she so in a chat told me that she have thought about it and admit that she was thinking about how sex with me would be. A little later in the chat she asked me: What do you like more sex: oral, anal?. I was a little surprised because I heard another place that women in Ukraine only had anal sex if they were prostitute. But of course there are women in Ukraine there like anal sex and not are prostitute.

Russian women forum 3: I am just starting to look into this mail order bride option. However, I hear more scary stories than good ones. I fear the following:

1. Scammers who aren't even real women
2. Women who only want you to send money
3. Women who want their new husband to support entire family back home
4. Or they marry an American, divorce them and claim abuse in order to get a visa quicker.

So here is my question: "Is there a way to find women who are already in the US, as Nannies or Students that we can actually meet. I would rather drive or fly to an additional US state then go abroad?" Their are many foreign women already in the States, so it makes logic that we try at home first.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Russian women forum 4: In fact, I registered on many dating sites and matchmaking agencies, but I must admit that many of them are just agency scam (who's personnel writes emails on the behalf of Russian women), and many of them even publish fake profiles.
This dating service specializes in introducing Russian-speaking women of extraordinary class and exquisiteness to western men who look for relationships, romance and marriage.

Russian women forum 5: Thanks for the mail, I do appreciate you wetting me back. I never believed anybody wanna be with a girl like mine who's got a fairy tale about life's experience ,well If you really want to meet me for real, i want you to know the problem i have and what my hard experiences about life was ok!! Please read this carefully and U'll understand the kind of person i am and what my hard experiences about life is. I was born in Alabama, Usa, and my parents were from Australia. I started my fairly tale when I was just 18 months old, i lost my mum. I didn't grow up to know who she was or who ever my mother was. My father had to raise me all alone. I was the only child of the family. I also lost my dad few years ago, he had leukaemia and doctors cant help. It was, when i was a kid and i lost my mum that my dad had to build a House in New jersey ok. that was where i grew up and spend most of my life time so far. I met a guy after my father's death few months ago when i moved out to Birmington Alabama, because my father raised me never to have friends because he had bad experience with friends when he was much more younger, and he made me stay indoor all day too. This guy i met was a German alright? He lived with me in Alabama, for over 2months, he asked if I would come over to Africa to see his Uncle so we can get engaged and i can be happy after all the sorrows I’ve had I agree to go on the trip to Africa with him. I saved enough to keep us comfortable while we were away. I had to withdraw about $28,500 i have in my account to make sure we were safe and secure while we were on this trip. So i closed up my account. But unfortunately, when we got to Africa he took me to stay in a hotel, and after few weeks and days when we got here, he brought a bottle of champagne and i think he wanted to suggest marriage to me, but after i drank the champagne i was asleep all through and when i woke up, i noticed that he had gone with all my stuff my money, my jewelleries, and all i had left out here ok. he only left me with some cloths and nothing else, I was all alone here, and he left me a note saying that he had gone over to the Ukraine, with another girl, the lady he really loved and he's been keeping for so long when he was once in Africa . Right now I’m in a hell of trouble. I was left out here all alone with some bills to take care of at the hotel I’m staying and the hotel management won't let me get out of here if i didn't pay the bills ok!! It's really crazy. I feel like killing myself ok. At the moment i have an exceptional bill of $550 here on my accommodation and just $300 for the internet services, provided for me out here. the hotel manager out here seized my passport and return flight ticket so that i will not run away. Please I need your assist to get my life back on track and start up a fresh life for a life time happiness I promise if U can get me out of here by helping me pay the bills to the Hotel management, i will surely make it up to U. and hopefully i will accept that i have found a new life with U So it's up to U to decide on what U want to do with me concerning these subjects Waiting to read from U soon .i am also looking for someone that can be the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone , one that will not just be beside me but one that can be part of me.

Russian women forum 6: This is my first post and I am really new to meeting a Russian woman on the net so please bear with me. I met a girl on the internet about a month ago, she said she is from Kirov Russia and we began talking back and forth. I was leery at first of course so I asked for her to send pictures with family which she did do for me. As time has gone on I have asked other things, one of which was if she needed money, and this was a test really to see where she was coming from. Well she got mad at me and stopped mailing for about a week. I felt like I have a right to be leery these days, but now we are talking again and she says she tells her parents about having met me and she is very happy. She corresponds every morning through e-mail. I asked her today for a mailing addresses so I could send a letter which would be more personal, in addition this would let me know that she is at least IN Russia.

My question is, is there everything I can do to get a better feel for this? Can I give you guys some excerpts from e-mails or anything so you can help me feel more at ease? Really, just what should I do next?

Russian women forum 7: The new Marriage Broker Act requires American men who use American agencies to be honest. That's also two of the first three words of the Tablets of Stone. The extra word is "very." So what's all the snivelling, petitions, whining, talk about legitimate rights, threatened lawsuits, chest beating and drama about?

What do you have to hide? You don't want to tell your potential bride that you're a wife beater, felon, or that you're married or have minor kids? Yeah, that's a big constitutional problem. You have the right to lie, cheat and buy a bride, right? What idiocy!
Come on people, get real. All you have to do is tick a few more boxes and allegedly say you're a law abiding, eligible man who either is or isn't a wife beater, felon, or father. What's so hard about that? Now, if we could get some sincerity from the other end -- the agencies here and in the FSU who provide all the enticing profiles and photos (some of which may actually be real, but don’t count on too many) -- we'd have something going. But since we don't, we don't.

Russian women forum 8: I am a girl 20 years old, young, professional, attractive, sexy and very passionate ... And I know an American man with whom I share my life on the beaches of the Caribbean, Mexican ...
Seeking a man from 28 to 33 years old, professional, white, professional...
If you have these features, you can write and send a picture to know ...
I am interested in someone who wants a happy marriage and a family ...
Kiss for you.

Russian women forum 9: I think this topic is very relevant to the discussion of FSU dating and is also somewhat unique to those of us who have chosen to pursue this path. As I understand, most of us would normally see a girl who sleeps with a guy on the first night of meeting as a little bit loose in moral values. However, with FSU dating its not quite the same ... since presumably, most who fly many, many miles to meet an FSU woman have spent some time communicating by email and phone. But still, as many have observed, the amount of men who actually make this trip is very small (perhaps 10% of those who begin correspondence). From the accounts that I have read on this board, it seems that most of the guys who have made the trip have slept with their heart's desire at some point during their stay. My first question is what do you all think about this behaviour from the girl's point of view? I mean, from the guy's point of view, we all know that us guys love sex and can compartmentalize the act in a purely physical sense, but as a woman sex is more than that and usually emotions are tied into the act. But, what makes this an interesting question for me is the fact that I have also heard that sex is something that is more freely given in the FSU and is occasionally used to obtain favours or higher wages or a better job.

If that is so, how do the women over there separate their need for genuine affection and their desire for a better position in life by using sex as a weapon? Aren't they going against their nature to do so? And if it is so easy for them to do this, how do we discern whether their motives are true when they sleep with us ... or can we? If not, then what can we use to judge whether the girl has honest intentions or not? They say when an FSU girl loves you, you will know it. Does this mean we should rule sex out of the equation? What are the ways we will know?

Russian women forum 10: Hypothetical Question. If I met a RW, and in a relatively short time, say a few months, we decided to get married, would it be best to do so in her home town? The Pros and Cons please.

Russian women forum 11: I have been reading though many of your posts, particularly in this section of the forum. I realize that this sort of question might not be welcomed at this site. Even still, I felt compelled to sign up and ask. I apologize in advance if I insult anyone. And for the record, I do have a genuine interest. From what I have read, this whole process takes a great deal of time, effort, and money. So, American women just aren't worth all of that? May I ask why?

Russian women forum 12: Desperation could be taken in many different ways, some of which can be used positively. The 44 year old guy who is not meeting the kind of girl he desires may need a sense of desperation to get him to move off his arise, think outside of the box a little bit (used to be more of a reach than today with all the chat boards etc.), look over the internet and come to the FSU. In fact, I fully believe the American guy who is not meeting the kind of girl he wants may be able to meet this kind of woman in the FSU. So, the guy should desperately want to get his finances in order, greatly want to schedule his vacation time, desperately do his best to prepare himself, desperately get on the plane and go to the FSU................from the point he gets on the plane to fly to the FSU he should forget about a sense of desperation completely. From this point on he should, look, listen, meet, interact, learn and slowly take his time to form a rational choice about what is best for him. He should also forget about his first impressions during the time he is with the girl / women of his dream(s) after he comes home and thoroughly think things through. After that he should cerebrally make his plan for either a revisit, decide the FSU is not right for him, and decide to change strategies, ask questions pertinent to his situation and slowly readdress his situation. When everything is fully digested, and only then should he make his next move. In the case of something positive he should make his moves sooner than later..............though correspondence, phone calls etc. should help him make his decision(s) at this point!

As far as women in the FSU I am not sure they should be desperate to leave their home country as well. Only if they feel they meet the love of their life should they want to try a new country. They have many more hurdles than the average man. They have to go to a new country at least initially as a second class citizen. They have to learn a foreign language (even if they are fluent in English they do not know expressions, colloquial language etc.). They have to learn our system. They have to learn our culture. They have to be willing to be adventurous, to take a chance in a new, strange country with sometimes differing principles and customs. If a girl first meets a man of character from the West, who will help her emotionally and add stability to her life, who practices fidelity and they have roughly the same hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future - only then should she become desperate! Love will conquer the barriers and a sense of desperation on her part to make things work between herself and her new found boyfriend leading to fiancé or husband will only help her get her own life in order / learn English, German etc. better ; prior to her move to the West!

Russian women forum 13: I've written often that the Western idea of courtship and Dating is very different from what most Russian women and their families practice in chase marriage. In fact, in many cases "dating" as understood in the West is really non-existent in the East. To my mind, men would fare much better if they dropped many "dating" preconceptions and studied/practiced more about courtship and adapted that to the shorter time frames necessary for an international marriage. That term by the way, is much more accurate that "mail order bride" because if you marry, the challenges and joys which await you will be from the result of an "international marriage."

Russian women forum 14: I do not have much experience with dating on very-long-distances like needing a plane to see your loved one.

So far, I have dated 1 FSU woman from Saint.Petersburg and I enjoyed it. Ultimately, we had lots of good times together and saw each other 2 vacations total. She confessed however, that she did not fall in love and so I am once again where I started.

What I liked about it:
- Romance is much better in Russia than in Western European countries. (restaurants, clubs, etc. etc.)
- Women actually do try to chase/impress you, as much as you chase/impress them.
- Women seem to be long-term-minded (Most of them).

What I disliked about it:
- Not seeing each other long periods of time because of distance. (This is no doubt, the hardest part)
- Money... It appears this process is very costly and opened my eyes about this business , that is if you are serious and not stay home behind a keyboard.

Russian women forum 15: Once you have found your partner you will have to endure the rigors of a long distance relationship, loneliness, depression, worrying a myriad of things it is not for the faint hearted.

This will be compounded by the fact that you will have visa paperwork to do and maybe a few more trips to see your partner while you are waiting.
Once you have gone through all of this and you are finally together there will be a new set of problems to overcome. More visa paperwork, settling in period. Your partner will find the west very different to what they are used to, different culture different food, the streets will seem bare to what they are used to a whole range of things including home sickness. And please remember and always remember your partner will make the biggest sacrifice leaving there country family and friends behind which can be a very hard thing to do for some.

Russian women forum 16: I have just signed up again and have had some responses from a few ladies. I asked them about the cost of meeting and she said that she uses an/the agency for her protection and to meet someone who is really interested blag blah blah. So is this normal for meeting most ladies off here, i.e. you will have to pay for their and their interpreters dinner and champagne? Will they say " Thanks for the evening" at the end and then that's it? Which ladies are sincere and which are just making a living? Any advice appreciated as I may be traveling out next week to see some of them. I obviously don't want to waste my time and hard-earned money.

Russian women forum 17: I hope someone can help me shed some light on a few things. I had been talking to two women for over two months in two different cities but not really that far from each other. I thought we were becoming fairly close as we exchanged detailed letters about our lives. I was skeptical to even find one woman I liked here on this site but to my amazement I found two. Here is what is strange. About 2 months ago, they both stopped writing at the same time for about 7 days. Then they both answered me on the 8th day. Last month one of the women said she was going away to her grandmothers for about a month. When she stopped writing, the other woman mysteriously stopped writing as well. I haven't heard from either of them in over a month. They are both close around 30 years old and each have children and I know they were not trying to scam me as they never asked for anything. They each sent me several pictures of themselves in normal life and some of their kids. I have the VIP membership and can see how many letters they receive and both of them have stopped receiving letters. Is is possible they are both the same girl using two different profiles? If they weren't real how come they didn't try to scam me? I hope someone has a logical answer to this as I cannot come up with one. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Russian women forum 18: I have seen on some posts here that the moderator’s advices men that use pay per letter sites to instead spend money on webcam women. So out if this i presume that someone here know what a webcam girl is?? The case is that i "know" a woman who tells me she works as a webcam girl. And the only thing i know about webcam women is that they strip and ...... for money. Can anyone tell me if this is the case in Ukraine? What is a webcam woman?

Russian women forum 19: When you look at their business model it is clear that they have an awesome job in policing such a number of independent agencies. Their site stated methods to keep the independents on the up and up is by no means bullet proof. Still, they provide a layer of added protection or assurance that the individual agency can't provide. This allows at broader range of selection for the clients. It's caveat emptor... one should evaluate more the agency not so much an Web. Think of an Web as a certifying firm though that they are not.

Russian women forum 20: When one marries a Russian woman, sometimes it maybe hard to tell if you’re making any headway in getting her accustom to the new life you have presented to her. Between homesickness, culture shock, re-learning everything, low esteem and adjusting to a husband that she hardly knows, it can be rather overwhelming at times.

Eventually it will be time for her to return to Russia for one of a number of reasons. It could be to update her passport or take care of family business. In any case one may wonder that if things are so difficult in her newly adopted land, perhaps she will not return. Perhaps once she arrives in Russia she will be able to relax and feel like she is back in her element… were she belongs. This is the acid test. If you have done your stuff right you will have no doubt about her not going AWOL on you. The though will not cross your mind whatsoever. In 95% of the cases when Russian women make that first trek back to their homeland, they will discover that they have changed. Russian women concerns are almost totally different than her sisters in Russia. They have transcended clawing for a living and are looking beyond. For many of them, to look back at how they used to live is like stepping back a decade, not a year.

Also, in her absence, Russia moves on. Russian culture and society evolves. New bands and singers appear. The language of slang changes. Friends of the past lose their tight connections. The cityscape transforms with new construction. The Russian women over time begins to feel removed from the place of her birth and the people she once knew so well. Then she comes to realize that her new place by her husband’s side is her real home. This is a transforming moment. For most Russian women it happens on the first trip home, if not, most definitely on the second trip. It‘s the funniest thing. They will be in Russia and feel a touch of homesickness, not for Russia but for their new home. When they return to their new soil, they will see it will new eyes. They will see that it is the place that they belong.

For WM that are married to these Russian women, it is not a time to dread or doubt. To the contrary it is a time to see the fruits of ones work and efforts. She will return a different lady. She will be more secure in the knowledge that she has made the right choice in marriage and the right choice in following him to parts beyond Russia. She will be coming to 'her' home.

Russian women forum 21: I hate parsley and cilantro. When I am served a dish with parsley, I push the parsley to the side and never touch it. I was only too happy to allow my princess to take all my pieces of parsley and pop them in her mouth and happily eat them. Cilantro was a little different, as it appeared in everything, so I ate it. I hate parsley and cilantro. I love Tex-Mex. Don't ever make the mistake of equating Tex-Mex with Mexican cooking, they are two completely different things and I them like both, however, Tex-Mex is more available so I eat it more. Eating Tex-Mex, I have figured out those that use cilantro and those that don't and because I hate cilantro I favor those Tex-Mex places that don't use cilantro.

Now 2 and one half weeks into a dream fantasy come true, I still hate parsley and cilantro. But, I now eat it! Something about my princess and her "throw together" soups, her salads, all of her cooking. It all has parsley and cilantro!! Oh, well, I'm eating it and I do love my princess! But the Salsa!! Taco Bell was a disaster!! (that's another story). I love Pace Picante, medium, chunky style Salsa. I buy it in the 64 oz bottle and if I can find a larger bottle, I'll buy it. My Honey in her explorations of "our" new flat, quickly discovered my brand new bottle of Pace Picante, medium, chunky style Salsa. She asked me if she could try it. (Man, she asks permission for everything!) I told her, of course, all this is ours! Well, SHE LOVES IT!! The bottle is now empty, and next shopping trip, I, or we must get another one!! Maybe two!

So be prepared. Your Honey has a different perception of spicy, but you just may be pleasantly surprised by what she does like!

Russian women forum 22: Despite the negative connotations that the term Mail Order Brides (MOBs) may imply, many still refer to it. As such it would be hypocritical of anyone to ignore it. Indeed, it is a misnomer. Through many laws and regulations, women can no longer be literally ordered for by mail. So where did this trend get started in the Western world? The idea of international marriages by mail is really something that only nobility could afford. With the advent of geopolitics in ~15th century Europe, international marriages had its first spurt of growth. Like most things that nobles are privileged to do the masses aspired to follow.

Today, courier and mail no longer dominates international communications. The primary methods of conveyance are e-mail, phone, e-cam and ICQs. It is no longer something that only kings are privy to. We are no longer confined to selecting a mate within our so call stomping grounds, even though tradition, customs and even laws may hinder such endeavors. The Internet has allowed a new explosion of interest in women around the world. For those that are interested in European women, then Russian (or FSU) had cornered the market. Currently, Goggle has 2.4 million results on the phrase, “Russian Mail Order Bride.” This is definitely a hot topic in cyberspace.

Still, most of these results are connected with agencies (~1.9 mil). So the question arises, “Are the agencies the new gateway to the Mail Order Brides or just merely the facilitators?” It is known that many agencies have policies (formal and informal) that attempt to keep both parties dependent on them for the avenues of communications. The agencies can be very effective in doing this until the man and woman meet. After the initial date the two can setup communications independent of the agencies involvement.

Another thing that the agencies are good at is taking care of the logistics and other bureaucratic details that a stranger in a strange land would have difficulties with. This is especially true for the less than well-heeled travellers, which many of us are of this type. Russian is still viewed by many potential clients as a place of chaos and uncertainty. Consequently, the fear of the unknown is one of the agencies links to their bread and butter bread. Nevertheless, IMO, as time goes on with the help of sites like this, the subtle fear of the unknown will dissipate. Also, ever increasing amounts of Russian Women will be able to afford to communicate directly with WM on their own through internet cafes and the like. Then the agencies will slowly be forced to evolve or fail. Eventually most contacts between Russian women and WM will be made directly through either new or existing dating or matchmaking sites. Agencies will most likely evolve into logistic services similar to travel agencies or international dating sites or both. Some will move their geographic regions of influence in order to maintain their current business models. As the Internet strengthens its hold in its ability to connect everyone to everywhere, more Russian women and WM will eventually be able to make that tentative spark over fibre optic cables on their own. The agencies can only survive in the transitions of instability and economic non-parity. So long as Russia moves to bridge these gaps the agencies power as the key holders of the gateway to Russian women will surely erode. The big question is how long will these gaps be significant. Also, as the Russia narrows the gaps, Russian women will have less incentive to invoke the option of looking elsewhere for a husband. The supply will draw to a trickle. Again, the question is when this equilibrium will be reached.

Russian women forum 23: American men are fed up with the attitudes of the women here. Are they free? Are they equal? Do they have family? The point is that men have learned to pay attention to women and learn them for happiness. Equality maybe - but can an orange be equal to an apple or a banana a strawberry? I think not. While it's a known fact that "good" Russian women ages 40 - 45 have experienced much pain; pain from Government and pain from men. Most men are still like that in Russia, having many women, trading woman in for younger ones etc.. While men in America are similar in some regards, we have learned to pay attention to the emotions, care for the mate and truly make love for pleasing the mate, not for pleasing self. This is a Christian perspective and while marriage will always be a challenge - having a woman that is totally dedicated to the cause makes the man wish to work harder to make it work and therefore, international marriage between a Russian woman and an American man will always prove to be an exciting challenge of culture and experience. Most American men that venture to Russia are educated, articulate and capable of supporting the family with NO financial help from the working woman. It is the woman's choice to work or not to work outside of the house - she can focus on the family or work or whatever to make this union function. There are 250,000 Russian women on the internet every year. Only 4% ever marry an American man. Approximately 4000 women marry per year. Out of that number, 20% of the marriages fail. Mostly due to the age difference or actual reason or purpose the woman came here - usually in the 20s and early 30s come only to get here. Out of the 4000 women that marry - 1% are physically or emotionally abused - Compared to the 20% abuse in current Russian marriages. This was read from an INS demographic study a few years ago. I finally added - 60% of marriages in America fail (50% within the Church).

Russian women forum 24: In one of the threads on cost Doug said that your RW may need some costly dental work upon arriving in the USA.
Here is a tip! Get it done over there.
I have an excellent dental plan but you can get excellent work done there much cheaper. In fact if your Russian women is already here in the USA you might even want to plan on going back to get some work done.
Cash payment to the Dentist will get you first class treatment for pennys on the dollar in the USA.

Russian women forum 25: Since there are many ways of meeting Russian women (from the most common one of buying addresses through an agency on the Internet, to just going there and meeting women at agencies locally, or in bars, or using one of the group tours that feature "socials" for this purpose) it is impossible to give an idea of costs. But the following advice may help you both save money and sleep better: a) Don't send money to the girl personally prior to meeting in person. No decent Russian girl would ask for money (and most wouldn't accept it). Money often loses itself and RW. b) If you will be corresponding for a prolonged time (more than three months) it's OK to help pay for her Internet costs, but remember, prices are LOW. $50 per month is more than enough. In general, many successfully married men spend well under $1,000 at this stage, including contact names, translations and agency memberships.

Russian women forum 26: Additional one-time costs (post arrival in the US) for a Russian wife
Adjustment of status (AOS) application. Employment authorization document application (if she wants to work while waiting for the AOS interview). It lasts for one year, and so you may need more than one if the wait exceeds one year as is common in some states (i.e. CA).

Advance Parole (if she wants or needs to travel outside the country while waiting for the AOS interview). Again, you may need more than one as they are not issued for a period greater than 1 year. Citizenship application if she wants to become a citizen Application for social security card Application for driver licence (include costs for lessons unless you consider yourself a qualified instructor. Note that if she speaks poor English her lessons should be given by a Russian speaker. In an emergency there's no time to translate. Bridge medical insurance during the period she's here as your fiance. Most insurance plans will not cover a non-spouse, so you will need bridge medical coverage. Many "brave through" this step, but it is foolish. Such insurance is not very expensive for young women and protects against disaster.
Wedding. Did you forget that??? . This can range from a simple visit to the justice of the peace (but you should find out early on what SHE thinks the wedding should be like, too) to a big and costly affair with flowers, music, gowns and tuxedoes, engraved invitations, venue costs and lots of guests. Just plan for it. Wardrobe adjustments and necessities. It is very impractical for a Russian women to bring over all her belongings (and if she does, the transportation cost should be calculated here). If the climate is different between her home town and her husband's city, much of her wardrobe will be useless. Even if there is no such difference, she will need to add for sure to whatever she brings in the way of clothes, cosmetics, underwear, feminine products etc.
Car. Of course this will not be always necessary depending on her city, but in many areas a car for her is a necessity, and an American woman would HAVE ONE. Your Russian wife will not, so she'll eventually need one (as she will be a new driver, a cheap one will do nicely to start).

Russian women forum 27: I was prompted to start this thread by my comment on another thread - thus....
These women (Moldovan) are grouped with Kyrgyzstan and Kazakh women, (very Slavic!) - I am not aware Kyrgyzstan is FSU? Correct me people if I am wrong? It is human nature to remove the competition and good sense says not to go where the US (sex) tourist trail goes, thus, if I did this again ever, I would avoid Ukraine like a dirty barrel that it is, maybe look in smaller unpopular Russian places and anywhere arse ache visas are needed, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan would be worth looking at!

Most people wanting FSU meat go easy - ie - no visa, hence the Ukraine fascination on this board - don't follow the sheep, go strange places - Moldova and the 2 K's are a good example - Lithuania is another, EU yet forgotten and outclassed by Estonia and Latvia. Shitholes they may be, but who wants a pro dater in Ukraine that half the posters here have dated? A valid point for discussion methinks, my theory for newbie is avoid where you can go with no visa and hit the places that are painful to get to or get into, Moldova and the 2 K's are a good example, Lithuania is FSU but seldom mentioned and now visa free EU.
Russia (proper) would be my suggestion but not Moscow, St Pete, Ekaterinburg or any big town, I would suggest the places where you have to take 4 planes and/or an awful train to reach, lazy men are all getting scammed in the Ukraine, you could be the only foreign guy in town and have your pick - comments folks? Kaliningrad is another good example! (obviously this excludes Prince_Alfie & Loyalman trolls who have never left the US)

Russian women forum 28: Most people who are that part of the world-bound probably do not know the differences between the two and cannot tell them apart. However, most of us people from that area can tell Russians from Ukrainians on sight by facial features for the most part, as well as by the way they dress and walk and, mostly, by how they behave. Some rough generalizations:

The Russians good qualities- very romantic, communal and into friendship. The bad thing is that Russians sometimes romanticize suffering the way many Latin nations do. They become too passionate about impractical things. Many like to talk for hours with no real action taking place. Russians value friendship in a big way and put it above money. Strangers are easily included in open cliques. Russians were serfs so that heritage is still alive- somehow people commiserate with the oppressed, the loser and the underdog.
On the other hand, the Russians believe in being refined and aristocratic; cultured, that is. Russian women value and appreciate men a lot, too. Men, on the other hand, are not into being hen-pecked and are willing to show the women who is boss. Russian women often let one know first that one is desired by them by staring at them and the body language. Many Russian songs figure a woman who is singing about how a man does not love her.
The Ukrainians are also romantic (in music and poetry mostly) but not very romantic in daily life- most are very practical and like money and trading. There is not much romanticizing of suffering except if it is done in military/battle songs and as a spur to motivate one to take action. The people are much more independent and individualistic. Serfdom never really took root in Ukraine and the people are less compassionate to those who are losers or underdogs. Strangers are not easily included in cliques. There is mistrust of the person next door in a big way, and it is not as easy to make friends with the people there. People are not into becoming refined or cultured as much as becoming successful professionally and in business. In other words, Ukrainians are more capitalistic and more practical and down to earth.
The dreamy and mysterious Russian Soul does not generally have an equivalent in Ukraine. People are too busy with their own things- jobs, families, trading, etc.

Ukrainian women flirt less than the Russian ladies probably because the ratio of good men towards good women is pretty much equal, whereas the consensus of many people is that there are more high quality women in Russia than there are high quality men. Songs sung in Ukraine are usually by a man singing sweet things to a woman; in Russia it is often the other way around.
Ethnically: Russians are by and large a mixture of Slavs and Finns with a bit of Oriental blood. So that creates a unique Russian face that is easy to recognize. Ukrainians are a mixture of Slavs, various Iranic tribes as well as a very small bit of Scandinavians. There is little or no Oriental blood. Generally you will be able to figure out how to tell who is who after you have been in that part of the world for a while.
Russians have last names ending in -ov, -ev and -in Brezhnev, Karpov, Putin. And the first names would be Ivan, Pyotr, Vladimir, Nata(lia) sha, Igor, etc. Ukrainians have names ending in - enko, -uk or -iak, Kovalenko, Tkachuk, Tretiak. First names would still be Ivan, but Volodymyr, Natalka, Ihor. Some women names are Ukranian only - Oksana, for example and Olesya.
Generally, by looking at names you can tell who is Russian and who is Ukrainian, then. Example: Sergey Petrovich Sergeev is a Russian, but Serhiy Pyotrovich Sergienko is Ukrainian.
The Ukrainians generally can understand the Russian language, but most Russians cannot understand Ukrainian, especially when spoken rapidly. One language differs from another as say, German differs from Dutch or like Portuguese differs from Spanish. Stuill Russians listen to it and cannot get it but Ukrainians understand Russian probably because they had to learn it for a long time during the USSR period but not vice versa.
When going to see your Ukrainian woman, do keep in mind that there are 11,000,000 ethnic Russians in Ukraine. So, her culture may not be so Ukrainian but Russian because she may in fact be Russian through and through. Very often, it is Russian women who are resident in Ukraine that look for foreign boyfriends/husbands and post on the net. That is, at least, what I have observed.
Here are some ethnic jokes:
A Russian a Ukrainian, and a Jew were asked what they would do if they found a train car full of apples.
The Russian says- I will take them all to my village and give them to all of my relatives and neighbors".
The Jew says : I will set up a shop in front of the train car and start selling the apples.
The Ukrainian says: Ill eat them all!
Then he was asked : "But how can you eat the whole train load of apples?
To which he responded" Once I m full and cant eat anymore of the apples, I will just bite off a little piece of each of the rest of the apples to ruin them so others wont be able to eat them.
Here is another joke:
A Russian, a Ukrainian and a Jew found a magic lamp. They rubbed it and the genie came out asking each one for a wish. The Russian says- I want all the Jews to disappear off the face of the earth. The Jew says- I want no more Russians in this world. Poof- they both disappeared. The genie asked the Ukrainian what he wanted. A glass of champaigne, please! was his answer.
So, now you have an inkling of the ethnic relations in that part of the world.
BTW, calling a Ukrainian a Russian is roughly the same as calling an Irishman an Englishman.
Please be careful not to confuse the two.Russian women forum 29: I am a 31 year old American man and tried the personals in the US. I had little luck with local dating and regional dating sites. However, when I started using the Russian personals, the response was overwhelming.

Russian women forum 30: Most of the western men, acquainted with Russian culture, consider Russian Bride as the best for marriage and family. They are truly believed that these women are the ones who have a magic soul. Those fascinated men adore the devoted heart, gentle beauty and appealing sexuality of Russian women.

Russian women forum 31: A woman who listens, understands and considers his values, opinions and ideas is considered a rare find! Men are constantly looking for this type of woman who will give him the time of day and be there for him. This type of woman is not selfish but is the giving type and is greatly valued by men.

Russian women forum 32: American men are attracted by diligence, firmness, and strength of mind in combination with modesty and simple tastes. However, in their opinion, Russian women are not thrifty, can't go shopping rationally and don't know anything about home technique.

Russian women forum 33: Quite often the men compensate their inconsistency with alcohol. They also drink due to boredom. Traveling, hobbies often demand material investments, and an average family spends practically all funds on keeping body and sole together - food, clothes, payment of municipal services. Even qualitative treatment and education of children appear excessive for many Russians.

Russian women forum 34: I believe that when people have feelings for each other, understanding and so on, then they will have everything that they need and can then build their life together. It is possible to buy a house and new car together, but impossible to buy the Love and health. It’s even more interesting to create and achieve goals together. I know that not every Russian woman has such beliefs, but many of them do. For example, I have one friend who has everything that one would need for a good life: a very good, cozy apartment, good education, good work, good friends and people around her. She is attractive… But, she is unhappy because she is alone. She is 33, and yet is single and can’t meet a good and right person with whom to build a family life. Now she tries to look for someone abroad.

Russian women forum 35: Do you think it is just an ideal of a woman? Well, this is a customary and honest picture of the finest Russian ladies looking for American and Western single men and marriage.

Russian women forum 36: Why are Russian Women looking for husbands abroad?

Russian women forum 37: First of all, it's an incorrect and very silly question. People are so spoilt new days, that they are ready to go to any country for sexual tourism. Thailand, India, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia etc. Shame on them, what to say. Really good people will never do anything like that, for sure. So, what should Russian men feel?! Government should finally get serious and kick all of those fun-seeking "gentlemen" out of Russia. They spoil and seduce Russian women and provoke them to do stupid things. No one on this Earth is an angel, but when there is no temptation and no foreign men with emptiness inside, but lots of money, it's much easier to live. By the way, love has nothing to do with nationality, of course. I'm only talking about fun-seekers, not people who truly fall in love and get married. This happens very rare nowadays, such a shame. I am against of any discriminating categorizing and generalizing, too. People need to think about their own morality, which is going down and down.

Russian women forum 38: On the list of problems in Russia, sex tourism isn't that high. Sex trafficking is a different matter.

Russian women forum 39: Why are western men being turned off western women so much? Like it isn't just old ugly western men anymore going to Eastern Europe to find a wife. Young good looking guys are heading over there looking for someone nice. What went wrong with American or Australian women that they are such a turn off?

Russian women forum 40: As European girl and having Ukrainian and Russian blood I would say, that most of them are easy going, understanding and take care of themselves, besides they are not so spoiled. I am not talking about barracudas who are after money or visa. Besides there is a huge difference between Western men and European ones. I must admit I would myself would prefer a western men, they appreciate women more, I guess.

Russian women forum 41: What Russian women thinks about Italians, Spanish, English ,French or Germans partners?

Russian women forum 42: Wonder why so many Russian ladies go braless? Do they? Well if you're right, there's nothing wrong with going braless. It has no reflection on a person's personality either. It's just culture. They probably think it's strange that we insist on using them!

Russian women forum 43: Russian women are commonly more friendly, warm than the US gals? Well, I asked a Russian gal that once and she said it is because they eat each others stool. I'm not sure if that's true, but I made my wife do it for the past 3 years. My marriage has never been better!

Russian women forum 44: How do you find an honest, good Russian woman? With all these scam operations running from areas in Russia like Yoshkar-Ola Mari El region... almost EVERY single person you might meet online from Russia is a scammer. I have had like 5 different ladies, all of which I proved to be scammers. Tracing their IPs and although they say they from different regions etc. all IPs point back to Mari El. There is really no place online that you can be sure you're not getting into a scam. Scammers infiltrate even reputable dating sites.

Also, it depends what you mean by "scam". Of course, there are a lot of the kind of scams where you won't get a woman and will end up losing a lot of money. Also, I lived in Russia and I can tell you that any woman you meet is going to be interested in you for one thing: a ticket out of poverty. These women are not bad people, but that is the reality. They won't care about you, they won't respect you. You will be fully aware of this and it probably won't be good for your confidence. If something better comes along, which it will if the woman is good-looking, then you will be dumped. I have seen it happen many times. Now, if you are the kind of guy who can live with this reality, if you are looking for a woman who will treat you with "respect" to your face while she is dependent on you for food, shelter, and a visa to live/work in your country, then by all means, get on Google and search for dating agencies in Russia. Look for ones that are established, that have testimonials from other guys in your country that you can check. I strongly advise you against this. The kind of men who go for Russian brides are usually pathetic, damaged types, incapable of having a real relationship with a woman who does not want them for their money. Don't be like that. There are plenty of great women out there who will not take your money and who will like you for yourself. I suggest that you get motivated and find them.

Russian women forum 45: I think that Russian ladies for the most part are classy and the few I've met and hung out with are very intelligent. Most people look at a Russian woman who is attractive and think that's all there is but the few I've met were pretty and smart. I think there are good and bad with any nationality but I've had some in depth conversations with a Russian lady about politics, life etc. So for the most part Russian ladies are pretty classy and smart. There has been a very rude, crude close minded Russian lady I met a few years ago but everyone has their opinions.

Russian women forum 46: Which ladies are hotter Russian or Ukrainian? or is everyone so hot in East Europe? That's hard to say, I lived in Russia for 2 years and Ukraine for 1 year, they are both freakin hot!! but I married a Russian. Speaking from personal experience, Russians. They look pretty good and tend to have better personalities.

Russian women forum 47: I am Russian , my husband is English and we have been married for 12 years with two beautiful boys , it s great .
I am not sure about Russian/American marriage , but i will be honest with you you need to be careful, because many Russian ladies try to get away from that god forsaken country and America is their wildest dream . The life in Russia is hard , and there is no future for anybody , do not believe to all the garbage you see on the news about that country . Its corrupted and always will be corrupted , the politicians do not care about people , they just make money.

Do not get me wrong you might find someone and she might be your long life love or she might just use you and dump you after . Be careful what you are doing and good luck

Russian women forum 48: No offense to the russian ladies...?
are there good Russian women i mean they preserve ( dont have sex before marriage)themselves & not sluts...& not gold diggers... or are they as people say in the media & stuff?

Additional Details

I don mean any offense to russian women really....i even love one but am kind of confused about every what they are saying.
Newsflash, buddy, but "giving up your flower" until marriage does not constitute a slu.t. We live in the 21st century, and that's how the civilized world works. If you're a religious fanatic, tough luck.

As for your question, do you honestly think that all 73 million of us are whores? If that were true, our population wouldn't be decreasing, now would it.





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