At first look this may beat you as an strange subject. After all how could a normal European or Canadian man not be able to afford a Russian woman? Isn’t the standard wage in Russia around $300 a month? I make 4000 Euros/Dollars a month.

All of the above may indeed be right. Though life in lets say England, France or America and life in the Russia are very dissimilar. The most basic difference is that Russia is a cash economy. Meaning that if want to purchase something, you must have the cash money on you. There is very little use of debit or credit cards, and checks are almost non-existent. Therefore, if a Russian woman does not have the money, she does not purchase. If you think about this for a minute, we are sure you can see both good and bad applications of this fact. For example, this will stop the over-use of credit cards and other potentially dangerous types of loans (however, we would be remiss not to say that this situation is beginning to change and more credit is starting to be extended to Russian women, although right now this is more along the lines of residence loans and limited car loans are very costly, though, with rates around 11-13 percent.

Compare this to the economic system in Europe or Australia were there are a wide range of alternatives. We could pay cash money, use credit card or write a check.

The dating sites specialized in publishing Russian women who are looking for husband provide a privacy rule which makes sure only Russian women you are willing to let men to look at their private contact details are having access to it. This makes the account safe. Women can even choose not to show your photos or not. There are men from all over the world seeking Russian women who are looking for foreign husband on dating sites. So if you are divorced or single and want meet Russian girls who are looking for husbands then you should join a Russian women marriage site because it is the most popular idea of finding a Russian wife these days and is getting more popular.

Some facts about Russian women looking for husband.

1- Russian women are among the best educated in the world. In 2009, 62% of them university degrees.

2- Most men look upon Russian women smokers with revulsion and believe smoking is not sexy for Russian women. Unfortunately over the past decade of so smoking has increased dramatically among Russian women, however, according to our information most of our Russian women who where looking for husbands quitted smoking after marriage.

3- Russian women who have similar interests and the idea of sharing many moments together are appealing to their husbands. The very truth that she can do many things with him makes her beautiful and sexy. Besides she should be able to prove that she can shoulder responsibility with him.

4- Russian women who are looking for husband from other countries seem to be upset in Russian men since they, being lazy or unstable to marriage and family life, can't afford the luxury of a safe family. Occasionally, it must be confessed, straightforward inquisitiveness or a wish to change life radically makes Russian women to loot for a foreign husband.

5- Russian women still hold traditional family values where the men are the heads of the family. If you ask any Russian woman who should be the head in the family, she will give you an answer like to these ones: I want to give this role to my husband. I do not whish to be the head in the family, I want have an identical role in my marriage, but at the same time, my husband should be a leader of our family who could be the main support in our family.

6- Russian brides pay a lot of attention to their look. Any young woman can look sexy and beautiful if she cares to. Russian women who are looking for husband from other country in general care about themselves even if they don’t have money.

7- Russian women view their husbands as a partner, not a person to compete with.

8- Among many Russian conservatives no matter how sexy and beautiful a Russian woman is or how winning she is with her career she is regarded as a failure until she gets married, has a husband and kids. But some current Russian women are finding they can live fairly happy and have fulfilling, successful lives as self-governing women. Many single Russian women get pleasure from the time they can spend alone.

9- The number of Russian women that remain single into their 35 has more than doubled since 1990. Even if many women do eventually get married (only 7 percent of Russian women over 40 have never been married) many live their lives as if they will never marry.





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