Even in Russian tradition, most young Russian girls are brave, courageous, clever and, definitely, sexy and beautiful; they could ride the wildest horses, shoot and save her beloved weak man.

A family is a priority for the young russian girls, and the Russian wife is good at house keeping. Helping the husband in everything, creating cosiness and psychological soothe she sacrifices herself. The Russian girls are beautiful and womanish, charming, always dressed well. The young Russian girls are brilliant housewives and talented educators.

Every Russian girl wants to get married. We can inform you if you have virtual or internet dating and communication with a young Russian girl, you can be fairly sure that she doesn’t play with you and doesn’t have fun with you through the Internet.

For long people had the idea that young Russian girls are beautiful, intelligent, practical and perhaps the best wives in the entire world, but they really want to know if it's true or if you can give me a realistic explanation for them, what does make them different from other young girls, what does make them the choice of many lonely girls?

Latvian and young Russian girls are the best. Latvian and racial Russian girls are sophisticated, open minded, and sexy. They're well-groomed, paying great attention to their look. Most are highly educated, usually speaking English and other several languages.

- Some might believe that young Russian girls are very tough women, they can put up with more stuff than any American man or women. They come to the USA and in no time they have a house because they work hard and don't chaos around like American young girls do.

- Young Russian girls are very beautiful (not all of course, but a lot are) and they typically have a college degree and speak a few languages. However, we don't know if they make the best wives....Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world. Iwethink it depends on the individual girl and how she's treated by her husband though.

- Some men say that young Russian girls don’t care about sex or love, may be because of the nature of living in cold places even they have gorgeous body they still don’t enjoy being using it even if they try to sell there own body they have no pleasure.

- Young Russian girls are not too smart they need money and need to go to better place to live,
if a man have money and good place they do you all you need.

- How did young Russian girls come to be genetically superior to other girls? How did they come to be so beautiful is it because they are Asian and white mixed? What happened when Russia was being settled to create such beautiful young Russian girls? Are there any other girl more beautiful we think not how is this possible?

- Young Russian girls online could look beautiful if their eye iris are bigger and do not show so much white on their eyes which makes them look empty, depressed and even tricky. It is the biggest defeat Russians have in their features, and is also a typical feature that most Russians have.

- If young Russian girls do not have these typical Russian eyes, they could be very beautiful.

- Some people went to school with a lot of young Russian girls and some were good looking while others were unattractive as hell. No nationality or race is genetically superior.

- We like young Russian girls very much as well as we like Finish, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians young girls. They are so beautiful with the platinum white hair, round face and delicate facial features. Don’t you realize that there are many miss Russia universe? Most western Europeans have got large structure and very big nasal but young Russian girls have got delicate facial features than them due to the influent of "N" genetic like the former USSR.

- Ethnic young Russian girls are not Asian/white, the Russian girls are a Slavic group and fully Caucasian.

- Some trying to decide if they want to audition for a play about a young Russian girl. Are there certain physical characteristics of Russian brides that they would need if they want the part? Here are some examples:

Eye colour
Hair color
Cheekbones (very noticeable, or not very noticeable?)
Height (tall, short?)
Skin tone (light, dark?

Now we realize that everyone is an individual, but you can clearly identify Asian, Hispanic, and Italian people. Is it like this for young Russian girls?

We were said that brides in Russia look like a typical young Russian girls:
Eye colour: grey-green
Hair color: light brown
Cheekbones: rather noticeable round cheekbones

- Actually you can meet practically any ethnic type in Russia, because there a lot of not ethnically young Russian girls and there a lot of women who are actually are mixed with other ethnicities.

Eye colour - blue
Hair color - blonde
Cheekbones - noticeable
Height tall
Skin tone light

Eye Colour: Doesn't matter, but I would think brown.
Hair Colour: Again doesn't matter.
Cheekbones: Doesn't matter
Height: Tall, but still shorter than their husbands.
Skin tone: Light, or maybe a little tan because it is very cold in Russia.
Body Type: A little more than curvy (but they could be skinny, but with all those dress skirts on to keep them warm, they look a little fat)
Clothing Type: Dark colours.

- Young Russian girls basically just Slavic. They tend to be darker than other Slavic groups like Poles. We don't think young Russian girls are as blonde as they are stereotyped to be, but many of them are blonde. They don't look like Scandinavians or North Europeans, though. You can often tell when someone is Russian if they look European, but something about them is exotic/interesting looking.

- There is no such thing, even if they do have a legitimate feeling about you, it's not love! No one can fall in love to a profile. Next, think about the young Russian girls photos. Did it look professional? If so, then don't keep an interest because most Russian's who are there for dating, love or marriage, don't get professional pictures done. You should look at their income and guess their personality. If the photo of the young Russian girls contradicts, your impression of the girl of your dreams, than it's not the person or it's a scam. You do have a possibility of getting an honest young Russian girl profile and done by professionals, but it won't be model quality.

- It seems as if young Russian girls marriage sites are almost everywhere you turn when you are surfing the Internet these days, so what is all this about? Many young Russian girls are turning to dating agencies as a starting point to really meet someone who shares their interests, no matter what those interests are. Young Russian girls dating sites has actually proven to be a main benefit to those looking for a compatible partner with interests similar to their own, and is much better than spending time in a pub, in the library, and other "chance" places to meet a nive young girl. But like anything else, there are a number of misconceptions about young Russian girls marriage services. Much of this is only a rational supposition on the part of young Russian girls who do not understand the Internet dating, but it is significant to dismiss these myths so that men can gather the many benefits of young Russian girls dating services and find which one is best for them.





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