At the dawn of the Internet dating many men were skeptical and even ridiculed such kind of communication. While the skepticism might be justified in some cases, now more and more girls turn to this as an alternative to traditional dating. There are dozens of reasons for this kind of relationship to prevail over the regular communication. It is fast, easy and inexpensive. It allows you to share as much or as little as you like. Internet dating has a much lesser rejection rate than a regular walking up to someone you do not know at a bar or club. The list goes on. Let us outline a few key points to remember in this fast paced environment to make the most of your online marriage experience on online dating sites.

1. Find a suitable, reliable web site.
There are so many online dating sites and services to choose from that it is easy to get confused and distracted. The first thing you need to do is decide for yourself, what it is you are looking for. Some sites are created for girls interested in serious relationships, others are geared towards men searching for lighter non-committal dating, while third promote international, intercultural dating or common interests and beliefs relationships.

2. Present yourself
The first thing that any dating site will ask you to do is fill out a profile. You will generally be asked to provide some basic information (weight, height, occupation, etc) as well as have an opportunity to talk a little bit about yourself and post some photos.
Someone compared visiting these sites to job-hunting and called your profile an equal of a resume. Indeed, this is your chance to put your best foot forward. Be honest when describing yourself, what you are searching for and what you like and dislike. It will be a lot easier for girls to respond, when they have some detail and can relate to your interests and preferences. Words can be alluring, but pictures speak volumes. We strongly recommend posting photos; they will make girls feel more comfortable and one step closer to getting to know you. The same principle applies to pictures as to your profile – be honest. Showing a picture that looks nothing like you only puts you at risk of deceiving the person you are interested in and leaves little chances for future relationship development after you meet.

4. Making initial contact
So, you've found a girl that has grabbed your attention. What next? With online dating sites you don't have to worry about face to face rejection, so common in the club world. You don't have to stumble over your words and have plenty of time to think of the best way to approach the dashing beauty and learn more about her through her profile.

However, don't think too much. Don't make your letter too long – chances are you won't score many good points for that. Make your first message short and sweet. Again, be specific:

- if you comment on her looks, mention what you liked (eyes, smile, etc.);
- make a point of referencing her profile, it will show her you've read what she has to say and that you are attentive;
- find things in common, it will make it easier to generate a response from her.

Our word of advice is not to write to too many people at once. While all information is nicely stored and kept on the website, it can get quite confusing trying to keep track of who said what and being genuine in your replies. It's best to reply quickly to grab and keep girls’ interest. You may also find it helpful to have a folder for each of the girls you are corresponding with to store photos, correspondence and notes for each one of them.

5. Moving ahead
You wrote to her and she replied, congratulations! The main thing now is not to get too carried away and remain yourself. Share information about who you are, but also be courteous and take interest in other person's life. Don't try to talk like someone else; you risk sounding artificial and, what's worse, making your date feel disappointed once you communicate over phone or in person. Take it easy, you will know if things are going fine!

6. When things aren't as smooth as planned
While there is a high rate of people finding each other, forming strong relationships and getting close, chances are there will be times when the person you are interested in may not reciprocate. Don't take it too close to heart. Whatever reasons they have for not responding or stopping communication, it is their loss. Besides, there is still plenty of fish in the sea, the next of which can happen to be the one you were looking for all along. Should you be on the other end of the equation and decide to stop communicating with someone, remember one thing: there is never any reason to be rude. Put yourself in that person's shoes and think of what you would not want to hear if you were them, consider their feelings.

7. The final word
It is impossible to predict every situation you might encounter in the fast-paced, multifaceted online dating services. But it is possible to make the most of it by being honest, thoughtful, positive, flexible, funny, accurate, and kind. Be yourself and treat others the way you'd want them to treat you, and you are guaranteed to benefit from online communication any way it goes.




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