Do not reject a bride with a child or two out of hand. There are many reasons for this state. First, almost all Ukrainian and Russian women get married between the ages of 18-24. Like any marriage where people get married at a young age, people can grow apart, as they get older.

Addiction to alcohol, disenchantment with the responsibility of family life, the draw of available girls outside marriage, the economic and political disturbance that has taken place over the past years, have all taken a toll on marriages in Ukraine and Russia.

Consider that many of the Russian
brides you will meet, who do not have kids, may well have been married before. Keep in mind, most men who join Russian dating sites are either divorced or separated themselves. Consider that children raised in Russia or in Ukraine often are better behaved than European or American children. Making a living in the new economy can be downright dangerous if you are trying to take the fast track to success. Many people are jealous of the lifestyle of rich Russian or Ukrainian.

In addition, alcoholism, crime, and the military lead to a much higher death rate of men in Russia and Ukraine than in the west. The life expectancy of a man in the former USSR is now fifty-seven years of age.

At the fall of the Soviet Union, males life expectancy was nearly sixty-five. That is over an eight-year reduction in life expectancy in a ten-year period. The reduced life expectancy of Russian men has added to the large population of single and available Ukrainian and Russian brides.

With regard to making a marriage last, consider that a woman with a child or children will usually work harder to make your marriage work than one without children. They have their children’s welfare as their number one concern.

If she sees that her kid is happy at home, she will go a lot further to make the relationship work than a woman who has no commitment other than herself. They have already experienced the complexity of divorce or death of their spouse. They have already experienced what it is like to raise a child on their own. They are risking their child’s welfare as well as their own in moving to a new country, with a new language, a new culture, without benefit of friends or family, to live with a man who is still much unknown to them.

Much of their desire to marry a Westerner is to make a better life for their children. They are looking for a situation where their children will have more opportunity. This is true for ladies who are planning on having children with you as well. In direct words, a 30 years old woman with a child is much more likely to work out a relationship than a 20 years old girl who is looking for an adventure.

Last word: Don’t avoid brides with children. You may be overlooking a diamond hiding among the costume jewellery.






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