Most Russian and Ukrainian girls would agree that the easiest resource for finding a date is Internet with its numerous online dating agencies, instant messaging, and chat rooms. It is also the fastest growing trend in dating.

Foreigners are a welcome and desired date for Russian girls. However the real dating is not just for a night or two and here is some simple advice to keep in mind when you are approaching a local lady. Even if your Russian girl speaks little English, Spanish, German or Italian there are solutions to the problem that you should look out for, rather than be determined the situation just won't work. LOVE will find a way, as they say.

Dating a Russian girl is an exciting experience for everyone. Here girls are easy going and charming. They are usually considered "hot" by most foreigners. In local customs, the phrase "Dating Russian girls" has its reciprocal saying, which is dating men from other countries. For many of them meeting someone who is coming from "abroad" is an exotic and extremely desired experience.

The reasons are hidden in the background of the Russian traditions, the economic situation in the country and most of all, the perspectives that might be opened for the woman. Usually such kind of relationship is opening brand new horizons for both sides.

Before starting the real matchmaking experience, men should know a few important things about the traditions. Dating Russian girls, just like in any other relationship in the modern world and countries with European orientation, has its natural roots. It is preceded by the moment of flirtation when you will try to impress your future fiance. This task is not so simple because Russian girls are not so easy to pick up.

Before reaching the moment when you are actually dating, you should know that offensive gestures or offers would never make their way to her heart. When we talk about offensive offers, we are referring mainly to these for paid company services or sex. Knowing how to approach the woman and touch the deeply hidden cords of her heart is an art.

Simply learning the name of the woman and being able to pronounce it right, with a proper Russian accent will not be enough for saying that you have succeeded and she will fall in love with you immediately. After you have predisposed your date, you will be expected to treat her with respect and attention. Dating Russian women sometimes means investing not only financial resources, in order to keep her close to you and interested in your relationship. Small or generous presents will not be enough and you have to show your emotional engagement and attitude.

Passing the initial phases of dating Russian girls sometimes evolves in meeting with her family or friends. To most men this is a real challenge for the patience and results in a huge cultural shock. Local people are noisy and ingenious. They are open minded and will be curious what had taken you there. The language barrier sometimes prevents effective communication and is considered a real nightmare for foreigners who are unprepared for such an experience.

The Russian language for example uses a different alphabet. Although many Russian women are ready for compromises you should know that
dating Russian women and getting along with their family is a big plus that will take you to her heart and help you stay there forever.

In short, it is a pleasant and rich emotional adventure, especially if you are ready to investigate all the Russian traditions with which you will be involved. The dream might come true only for those who are careful, pay attention to the customs and do not cause offence because being a foreigner is not always an excuse of being discourteous. Always remember that marrying or dating Ukrainian or Russian girls is a completely different experience than marrying a resident of your country.






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