The first dating letter is the most important. It must be interesting for your Russian girl to read. The first dating letter should be composed in simple language (try to avoid idioms, phraseology), should not be too short and formal. Writing the perfect love letter is a great way to add romance to any relationship. However, if you don’t trust your writing skills or find that every time you set down with ink and paper you are at a loss for words, that doesn’t mean you can’t write a beautiful and eloquent love letter.

Good humor is the best way to make reading fun but don't be a clown. Never make jokes about the girl's appearance, her English, etc. Better laugh at yourself than laughing at her. The letter should provide enough information for the girl to conclude that you are the man she needs.

When introducing yourself, don't forget mention such details as your residence, age, height, weight, education, religion, children and interests. Mention some special personal qualities, what points you out among others.

The most important thing is what you expect from a relationship. As Russian girls are looking for a marriage partner they need assurance that you are ready for a serious relationship, that your aim is to set up a home. Tell her about the girl of your dream. It could give a better introduction than many other words.

Also explain why you decided to write her, why did you like her? Make her some simple and yet pleasant compliments. It could be similar to this: You make the impression of a very smart (sincere, kind, understanding ? pick yours!) person. I feel you are the one I had been looking for.

Try to be positive. Never write about personal problems in the first letter, about unsuccessful experience in relationships and problems with health. Don't state any sexual questions. Before asking her questions, read her
dating profile carefully. Don’t forget about sports. If you don’t like to do sports, you probably love to watch it on stadium or TV.

Sometimes girls provide some
details there. Include questions she would want to answer. You could offer her discussion of some interesting topics in case to know her better. For example: Tell me about your family. Is there any brothers or sisters? Do you live with your parents or separately from them? Tell me about your job.

Do you like it or are you making plans for finding another one? How do you spend your days off? Do you like camping and nature? Do you have a dacha? (Note: In Russia and Ukraine, dacha means a small garden cottage with some land located beyond the city limits.) Do you like horoscopes? Do you believe in compatibility by the horoscope? Tell me something about your city. What does the ideal family looks like? What did you think of your future family when you were a child? Questions and some notices, promises, announcements give her the feeling that you are interested in corresponding with her.

Closing the letter by asking her for response (for ex. I'm looking forward to your response. I hope we become friends.) These words expresses your serious intentions regarding your communication.






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