What makes her so attractive and what are the good topics for conversation with a single Russian and Ukrainian girl? Here are a few ideas what to talk about if you want to conquer a Russian heart! How could you ever know what perfect is, unless you tried something imperfect? What is the difference between theory and practice? In theory there is no difference. In reality there is. What you might consider as perfect without trying anything out, might be very well totally unsatisfying. We are not going to extremes here by saying you should date at least 1000 Russian single girls on matchmaking before you know what you want.

Basically their beauty is inherited. Russians are a fine mixture between Asia and Europe. Their exotic appearance has been seen on the covers of many lifestyle magazines. Their mothers are elegant and their fathers are handsome and these ladies have taken the best from their parents.

Single Russian girls are taught to love wisdom and knowledge. Many of them speak more than two foreign languages fluently, especially those who are under their 30's. After the changes in the ex-Soviet Union in the early 90's many of these girls have traveled abroad and even studied in western colleges and universities. Their broad vision and experience makes them unique companions.

Their interests are various, from literature to art. If you learn a little about Russian literature, you will be amazed by the peaks achieved by this culture. Russia has unique authors such as Dostoevsky or Pushkin, both translated into many foreign languages and received their deserved place in the pantheon of the classics.
If you have a little free time, use it to search for one of their works and read it. You will be knocked out by the power of words they manage to combine. Do not be afraid to share your opinion with your girl!

Your date will be highly impressed if you ask her what stories she liked when she was young. Discussing someone's childhood is always a good way to reach her heart. Of course you should be prepared to conquer her with the name of Eduard Uspensky or other popular Russian author for kids. Uspensky was the author who created the stories for the so called "Cheburashka", a cute little bear-like animal which maybe you have already seen.

Today Cheburashka is famous in Japan, USA, Israel and other countries but due to copyright controversy it is not possible for the stories to gain the same popularity as for example Roald Dahl's did.

Your knowledge in Russian literature for sure will amaze your date and you will be half way to her soul. Young people are interested in music and Russia has many talented performers. Starting with Tatu you can move the conversation to Ruki Vverh (both very popular bands in Russia and even abroad).

Surely there are many music styles and tastes, so be curious what your girl likes. Ask her to send you some tracks or to tell you from where you can download them. Apart of maintaining the conversation this will allow you to keep in touch with her after your first date is over.

Family plays a highly important part in the life of every single woman. These girls respect their parents and do everything possible to not disappoint them. Often they take studies in engineering, chemistry or physics, just to make their fathers happy. If you see a girl looking like a fashion model it will not be strange if she has master's degree in quantum mechanics if she is Russian.

Single Russian and Ukrainian girls means great challenge so be prepared with your first "Privet, kak tebya zovut?".

Privet, kak tebya zovut? = Hello, what is your name?






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