You can always gush about the million and one good things (and hush-hush about the few negatives) about Russian girls. Online you will find many men who share their experiences in international dating and in marrying women not from their own country.

However, one wise man said that if you find a good
wife, you will become a happy man, but if you find a bad one you will become a philosopher. Another wise man said that the ideal woman has to be willing to (1) work hard and make the money, to (2) cook well and keep the house and (3) to be good in bed.
all those three are facts on Ukrainian girls, not what you wish them to be.

1. Hard worker. Besides being beautiful and attractive physically, many Russian girls possess other virtues: diligence and willingness to work hard are two of them.
Dating Ukrainian girls, you should know that many of them are clever and educated.

They may either have a college or University degree and may even speak one or several foreign languages. Although the Ukrainian economy does not always give them opportunities to make a great deal of money, they do work hard and try to build up careers to support themselves and their families.

B. Good Housekeeper. The culture in Russia and Ukraine places a lot of value on the family. For many of them, getting married a top priority in life. And from childhood, they were trained by the older women in the family to cook and do housekeeping. As a matter of fact, many Ukrainian girls can even manage to build up a career, do house keeping and raise children all at the same time.

Russian girls put the welfare of their families first and dedicating their lives to support and care for their better halves and their homes. Yes, despite being of strong character and being very capable, Ukrainian girls still know how to submit to their husbands and prioritize the interest of the family. This is why many Ukrainian girls are attractive prospects for marriage by many men from other countries.

3. Sexy. If you visit Ukraine/Russia or at least any dating
website, you will see how attractive, beautiful and sexy Ukrainian and Russian girls are. They do possess the grace of natural beauty, but many of them put a lot of efforts towards improving their looks. Besides, Ukrainian girls are very well tended and fit. They always try to look their best. Most of them fully realize how sexy they look and by any chance are not ashamed of it.

Of course, different girls in Ukraine/Russia have different moral standards and convictions as to sex and their availability to men. However, many of them are generous and giving lovers, when building up serious relationships with the men they love. Dating Ukrainian girls, you will certainly learn that desiring to marry and build up their families and serious relationships; they do not forget their love for fun with their beloved men.






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