Men who are looking for a beautiful, sexy and single Russian girls for marriage should keep in mind that the Russian people in general are proud and the women's self esteem is not an exception to this rule. Following you have found the girl of your life and your dating has grown into a serious relationship, it will be the time to ask for her hand. Below are a few information on how to act during the engagement and on the wedding itself.

Ukrainian and Russian girls grow up fast. The economical and political condition in modern Russia and Ukraine often forces them to start work even in high school to make their living and help their families. Many teenage Ukrainian and Russian girls prefer to work as waitresses or dancers in the international travel industry, because this lets them into a completely different world, where money is not a problem and fun never ends. This does not mean that they are selling their bodies and souls for a big tip. Our advice is never to make any hints about this to your date.

These girls start struggling with life early and desperately and foreigners should respect them. Western society is full of gold digging ladies who will cheat on you and laugh in your face just because you have said something not in time. Unlike them Russians are loyal and polite partners in relationships and will expect the same from you. After you have proven that you are with your Russian
date, not only because of her beautiful eyes but because you like her personality and internal charm, probably you are already thinking to ask her hand.

Modern Ukrainian and Russian tradition provides for the engagement ceremony from two weeks to one year before marriage. Generally the bridegroom should prepare a romantic atmosphere and easy mood, as well as being in possession of the engagement ring. The family's opinion is not so important nowadays though our advice is to pay attention to this as well as to your beloved.

After you have received the exciting yes of your future
wife, it is time to meet her family if you have not still done this. You will be expected to act with modesty and respect. In Russia age differences matter and no matter the fact that you have achieved much in life, education and prosperity, you should not overexpose your self esteem. Be careful what you say. Many Russians nowadays understand English though they can not speak it so any spoken thought that are not very kind should be kept private.

Local people are warm and hospitable and marriage is extremely precious moment in everyone's life. Wedding ceremonies are turned into big parties lasting sometimes more than two or three days. Be sure that you will meet various family members from grandparents to far cousins and aunts who have come to share this happy moment with you. Do not neglect them dreaming only to retire with your bride. Prepare for many hugs and kisses from people who you barely know or have not seen at all. This is their way to show you that they like you and accept you in the family.

Your Russian girl will be next to you during these dramatic days for every foreigner. If you have questions regarding the rituals and customs, do not be afraid to ask. You are not expected to know everything and she will love to explain to you the what’s and why something is happening. Men who want to share their life with girls for marriage from that country should know that it will not be easy to adapt to the habits of a new daily life. Girls who are ready to leave their family and start a new life with a stranger also have requirements and sometimes these are higher than expected.






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