Beware of scammers

Most fake photos on the Internet are copied from Facebook profiles of unsuspecting women and sent to gullible men who are looking for partners on various singles exchanges. Once the first contact has been made, the men quickly receive expressions of love and are showered with attention. Online dating scams are not only common in Eastern Europe, but unfortunately worldwide.


Beware of revealing photos of women

Special care should be taken when you see permissive and erotic photos of the women on the website. Here your low instincts as a man are addressed with the intention to lure you into the love trap to rip you off. Serious Ukrainian women have a natural attitude to sexuality, but for these women it would be a no-go to portray themselves so erotically as fair game.

Beware of free correspondence

Unfortunately, there are some international dating agencies and singles exchanges that make use of the art of IKM writers (dialogue writers) who send you beautiful letters by email. Without proof in the form of the handwritten original letter, these letters are in most cases worthless and a deliberate fake to win and collect you as a paying customer.

Another variant is paid correspondence for a fee. The forwarding of letters can cost between 8.00 and 25.00 euros per letter. These small amounts can go very quickly into the thousands of euros. The IKM writer receives a commission from it and he is naturally anxious to hold you as long as possible with the bar. The principle is the same as with the chargeable 0190 and/or today 0900 call numbers.

The women who allegedly wrote these letters will hardly be able to meet you personally. Unfortunately many partner-looking for men are too good-believing, since it concerns their very private feelings and longings and fall on it.

Fact is that the Ukrainian, Polish as well as Russian women are very writing lazy and with serious interest always prefer a personal meeting locally, in order to get to know itself more near. For this you should study our page Recommendations regarding IKM writers.

Every partner seeking man can become victim and target of fraudsters

You don't have to be rich or stupid to do that. They only have to yearn for a new love and are therefore more susceptible than in normal life to expressions of love, especially when young beautiful women report via the Internet.

Ideal goals are partner-looking for men, who indicated in their partner profiles with single exchanges as occupation independent, managing director, manager, engineer, professor, physician, tax counselor or attorney".

They are mostly men in the 40s to 60s, because they are mostly more successful in their profession and it is assumed that they are more susceptible to expressions of love from beautiful very young women. As a single man, one quickly dreams of a future together with these beautiful fake women.

So be careful with fake Internet love when it comes to your money

These women build up a relationship of trust with their future gullible victims through chats, e-mails, social networks and telephone calls, with the sole aim of pulling the money out of your pocket.

You don't think that could happen to you?

It is very difficult to detect a scam immediately before the alleged single woman asks for money, be it for a used computer or mobile phone to keep in touch with him, a sudden doctor's bill for getting sick, passport costs, airline tickets, etc.

A gentleman helps naturally gladly, if it feels butterflies in the belly

Especially when the lady claims to be coming to Germany shortly to meet him. Usually he also receives a forged passport copy of the lady, so that the history is more credible. It only starts with small amounts e.g. 80 Euro for a passport and flight ticket 400 Euro.

The gentleman gladly transfers these amounts, since the woman is already tomorrow at the airport. What he doesn't know at this time is that he will stand alone at the airport and receives a phone call with the excuse that she couldn't leave because she has to prove 1,500 Euro travel money at customs.

What bad luck!!

Now the game of rip-off starts all over again. The gentleman quickly borrows 2,000 euros from friends and acquaintances and sends it back to his alleged dream woman via Western Union. Again the arrival day of his beloved is coming, the gentleman again at the airport full of anticipation, but the beloved does not get off the plane.

He calls her via mobile phone, no connection, he calls 2 hours later and only reaches the mailbox. One or two days later the alleged dream woman answers again. Her mother has become surprisingly ill, she couldn't leave, she had to go directly to the hospital, his money was spent for the operation, but she now takes the next plane, only the travel money is missing.

Has our gentleman woken up now?

Not at all, he is a believer who sits in a love trap and whom you can milk more and more. Like a cow that sends milk every day, or in this case always money. And that with a fake woman whom he has never met and will never meet in your life. An individual case? Certainly not, as tens of thousands of men fall for this rip-off every year.






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