What is the chance to meet single Russian woman on the street?

Some men have already had bad experiences with expensive dating agencies and wonder what the best way would be to meet Russian singles .

We have been contacted several times and wondered if traveling to Russia would not be easier to approach the ladies on the ground, for example on the street.

Russian woman on the street

Our assessment

First, you can think about how promising such a project would be in this country. Imagine, you plan in a few weeks a short trip to Berlin or Cologne to find the dream woman. How would you behave there in the city center?

Do you think it's easier to talk to a beautiful woman, to talk to her and to talk with her?

It sounds like a gamble . The chance to hit the one is very small. The same applies to the short trip to Russia. However, there are additional difficulties.

Just the right woman to meet

The most important thing in this project is to meet the right woman.

1- You have to please the woman

In the few days in Russia, the right woman has to cross your path. There are many extremely beautiful women in Russia, but they have to be in the right place at the right time. So you have to be lucky.

2- You have to please the woman as well

Maybe you have good luck and you run the woman of your dreams at your feet. But then you have to like her as well, or correspond to her type.

3- She has to be single

Basically, all Russian women are married at a young age. Marriage is their meaning of life. They have been brought up that the purpose of life for a girl is to marry, have children and start a family. So you have to find a single lady. That is not easy.

4- Interest in a foreigner

The lady on the street needs to be open to an international relationship. That means she should also be prepared to move to your home country and leave her family, friends and work.

It is only a small percentage of single women who consider a relationship with a foreign man. Many Russians have little chance of meeting somebody in their home country because of demographic developments, so they choose a foreign partner.

Most of the Russian singles do not want to live in another country. They have a close relationship within the family and the circle of friends. These people would not want to leave.

Another issue is the media . The media deliberately put a lot of negative light on international relations and life abroad.
If you ask a Russian what he thinks of an international partnership, he will not tell you good.

It is mostly women who personally know someone who has had positive experiences with foreigners who are open to international marriage.

The majority of the Russian population is extremely suspicious of marriages with foreigners: the general idea is that women are not safe in such a marriage.

5- Understanding

You should speak a common language, or you can communicate. Not every woman in Russia speaks English.

6- Similarities, interests and goals

And should it really come to a date, it is about getting to know each other, similarities, interests and the goals in life . Again, a lot should fit, so that a possible partnership has a chance.

Approach: Addressing Strange Women

How do you go about it? Will you address the ladies in the pedestrian area? Or will you move through bars and nightclubs?

Basically, Russian women are very cautious and reserved about strangers. It will be challenging for you to get your looks, let alone your smile. We have already mentioned this in the article "Why do Russian women smile so seldom?" written.

It is not common practice in Russia to openly approach and address foreign people. Many women will react suspiciously and avoid the situation.

Russia's streets are not full of marriage-ready dream women yearning for a rescuer from the West.

Many Westerners believe that all foreigners from less developed countries dream of it. But it is not true. If they traveled a lot, they would realize that people generally love their countries and want to stay there.

Unless, of course, there is a war in their country and their lives are at risk. In this case, there could be millions of refugees, as we see in the areas of the Middle East or Africa. Russia is not one of them!

The same applies to discos and bars . Although you will find significantly more attractive Russian women here, but they are usually traveling with the circle of friends or with partners. It takes a lot of courage to speak to a stranger in a group. Unfortunately, the loud music does not help with the communication;)Time and costs

It's not an efficient way to meet Russian singles. The points mentioned above show that the chance of meeting the woman for life is very small. And the effort (time and costs) is out of proportion.

Scammers on russian roads

If you run around as a sociable person or as a typical tourist on the streets of Russia, there is a risk of getting to the wrong people. Deceivers, pickpockets or the like, wait only for non-local people who walk more or less helplessly on the streets.


So, if you think that a tour to Russia would make it easy for you to meet Russian singles willing to marry, we advise against it.

Too many factors must fit that you have no control over to meet the woman for life on the spot. The chance is very low and the effort is very high.

The better way to meet a Russian woman

Nowadays, the Internet offers fantastic opportunities to quickly and easily meet a woman from another country. That's why you should use these technologies in your partner search.

1. Get to know each other online

Many of the aforementioned obstacles can be easily and efficiently avoided by online dating. For example, you can find many Russian singles looking for a foreign partner on our East-West Partner Exchange. They are ready to give up their homeland, their family and friends for a new life in the West.

We think it makes the most sense to get in touch with and talk to as many women as possible in order to meet the right partner. Accordingly, we offer the monthly package for 24.50 EUR . It allows you to contact all the ladies on our site. It is not a subscription and ends automatically after 30 days.

By means of various search and filter options , you can, for example, filter by age, language skills, country of origin or hair color.

Through our messaging system, you communicate with the ladies. It allows a quick and casual acquaintance: Is there a certain sympathy? Are there common interests and goals? Since your on the same wavelength?

2. Meet offline

If your mutual interest persists as you get to know each other, you are planning your first meeting . It is up to you whether you only want to meet one or more ladies you met online.

The purpose of the trip to Russia is to get to know the online acquaintance better.

With this approach you will definitely save a lot of money and unnecessary efforts, as if you just fly to Russia and try to meet your dream woman.




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