Clichés about Russian women - are they true?

Surely you have some idea of ​​Russian women. It may have come from your own experiences and the general clichés. But how much truth is in these clichés?

Russian women

Cliché or reality?

We will  try to clarify things.

You can buy a woman from Russia.

Fortunately, buying and owning a woman is not possible or legal.

In the US, the term " mail-order brides ", which means "catalog bride" is common. Men can browse a catalog or database full of women and buy the contact details they want. In this context, the word "buy" is best associated with Russian women.

Almost every Russian woman is looking for a partner from the West.

Rather, it is a small percentage of Russians who have previously had serious thoughts about living with a foreigner. But for some 78 million Russians, there are still a large number of women who want a Western European partner.

They do not want to make a career, but dream of being a good housewife.

That can not be answered flat rate. In Russia, almost all women work. But not because they are particularly happy, but because they have to. Often they are victims of discrimination and have underpaid and unattractive jobs. It is also difficult for them to make a career. The chances of promotion are low.

That's why many put family and household at the forefront and want to spend more time on it. But just as many are discovering new career opportunities in Western European countries.

Russian women are undemanding and "easy to have" for an average German.

In many respects they are not as demanding as the women in this country. In other words, the Russian ladies place a higher value on other qualities of a man. Responsible, well-groomed, decent men who take the initiative and provide the lady with a degree of security usually get along very well.

What Russian women are looking for, we have in the article " What do Russian women want to find in Western men? "Treated.

Purely for financial reasons, they seek contact with Western Europeans.

That's wrong. There are certainly exceptions, but the ladies are looking for a serious partner for a future together. They want some financial security and stability, but they should be respected and not resented. Because life in Russia is anything but safe and stable.

You just want to marry a Western European partner to get a permanent residence permit.

That's wrong. Of course, there are few exceptions, but as already written, women long for a fulfilling relationship and a shared future with a respectable man.

The permanent coexistence between a Russian woman and a German man is difficult due to the entry and residence regulations, if this is not based on marriage. For a common future, marriage is the easiest way.

Russians are considered extremely beautiful, feminine and self-confident.

There are many attractive women living in Russia. The beauty is very important in her life. There are different reasons for this:

- Surplus women: There are more women than men in Russia. The ladies are in a high competition with each other. They spend a lot of time and effort to get a good man.

- Importance of the partnership: The pressure of society is great to find a man early and to start a family.

- Genetics, climate and skin: Her complexion, facial features and big eyes make her look young, feminine and healthy.





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