Get to know Russian woman online: the criteria for success

Unfortunately, there is no recipe for the success of getting acquainted with an Eastern European woman. Every love story is unique. Every lady, just like every man, is very individual. This means that each of us has our own ideas and wishes regarding mate choice and relationship.

Which person should become my life partner, in what way do I imagine the relationship, which messages or communication attempts I will be skeptical and open to which. Not as easy as you think!

However, there are a few basic rules that increase the chances of success on an online dating market.
This requires self-criticism and self-analysis from you.

Russian woman

Here are criteria that you should consider when getting acquainted with a RUssian woman.

Good profile picture
In online dating, your profile picture is the first thing the ladies of you perceive. The first impression decides whether a beautiful Russian woman answers you or just politely canceled.

Completed profile
What does your profile look like? Do you have enough information in it or does it seem to be unimportant for you? An empty profile can mean that you have no time or that you do not mean getting to know each other seriously. Believe us, the ladies read the information in the profile and here you can score points.

Be active
Show the lady your interest and send her a message!
"A man must be a man and take the initiative". This attitude is shared by many women from Eastern Europe. They are not emancipated and still have a traditional idea of ​​the relationship between a man and a woman. When getting to know each other online, they expect activity from the men : the first message, the invitation dialog in Skype, the suggestion for the first meeting, etc.
The ladies are often passive and wait until the man "selects" them.

A Russian woman can find a man interesting, but this will rarely show, or dare the first contact. The background to such behavior is the education and social environment in which she grew up and lives. The ladies believe that if they show initiative or interest, they will be perceived as an intrusive person. In Russia, for example, it is said that the beauty of a woman is her modesty.

Of course there are Eastern Europeans who show initiative themselves. But if you have not achieved any success in getting to know yourself, ask yourself the question: Will I first write the lady or wait and hope for a reaction ?!

One more thing: The man who writes first is a self-confident and dominant man in the eyes of an Eastern European. For ladies who have a traditional family portrait, this is very important!

An important part of the online acquaintance is the written communication. It is important to be able to write interesting letters and get to know each other through a "lively" dialogue. The first message plays an important role. The more trouble you get for the first words, the higher the chances of success. Do not use 08/15 phrases and use information from your profile to get started. Maybe you even have the same interests or characteristics. A tip from us: "Hi! How are you? "Or a message without any punctuation - does not work!

Before you venture the next step and get to know each other personally "live", you have to be able to communicate well by correspondence. That is why it is important to open oneself for the lady by letters: Always ask questions, answer honestly and be interested. Tell about yourself, without the lady always has to ask. It should not sound like an interrogation, but open and cordial communication. If there is no agreement between man and woman at this stage, the next steps are impossible.

How to write the first letter for an Eastern European and what topics should be avoided, you can read in the article "No-Gos in communicating with Eastern Europeans" .

Realistic self-assessment
Who do you want to get to know and what are your chances? That requires self-criticism because you have to be realistic in some ways. That is to have a correct age idea of ​​the dream woman. The days when the ladies from Eastern Europe desperately searched for a Western European partner are over. Often the ladies from Russia, from the Ukraine, Belarus have a realistic idea of ​​the age difference in the relationship: the age difference should often not exceed 10 years.

The long - distance - team wishes you much success in getting to know each other.
And if you have questions or need help, we are here for you!






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