Get to know young women - tips and information

Dating with a big age difference can be fun! And relations with a larger age gap are exciting, interesting and promising for both the mature gentleman and the young lady , but only if it harmonizes between them.

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If they love each other and like to spend their time together, their connection can even lead to a long-term love relationship or marriage.

In a harmonious relationship the lovers do not feel the age difference at all. Then age is just a number.

What attracts many men to young women?

Young women are attractive, healthy and enthusiastic. Men want to be admired and appreciated by the women. In addition, they see in them a kind of "fountain of youth". With a young lady by their side, they feel younger and more attractive themselves.

A younger partner can bring some dynamism to a man's life: the opportunity to re-experience many areas of life.

Age difference with Eastern European women

Every now and then we are asked by men what age difference Eastern European women accept in a relationship. That can not be answered flat rate.

But in our experience, many Ukrainian and Russian women accept an age difference of up to 15 years . In some cases it was already between 20 - 25 years.

Tips for getting to know younger women

You want to meet a young woman online? We have put together a few tips for your successful dating.

1. Use your age as an advantage

You are probably safer in your skin today than in your younger years (18-30). Impress the ladies with your life experience, maturity and seriousness.

The ladies long for security, stability and security . A young lady wants to see a strong, wise and initiative person in an older man . You can score with it!

But behave under no circumstances imperious , know-it-all or unreachable.
Note : Russian women are very mature and developed at an early age. They are a few years ahead of their peers.

2. Be honest

Just because you think you look much younger than your biological age means you should not cheat on your dating profile. That is, use the correct age and a current profile photo.

Age differences are okay. But do not start a relationship with a lie. Especially in online dating, the Eastern European women are cautious and skeptical . If they discover lies while getting to know each other, the contact could quickly be over.

3. Be active and alive

Do your best to look modern and dynamic. Meeting younger women requires a lively and healthy presentation . This does not mean you have to skateboard or tattoo like a teenager. Pay attention to an active and healthy lifestyle.

4. The appropriate clothing style

Try to be fashion conscious and stylish in choosing clothes. If this is not your topic, make yourself smart on the internet or get support from your friends and family. Qualified fashion consultants work in good local clothing stores. There you can also ask for advice.

To meet a younger woman, avoid age-related clothing stereotypes. For example, a sand-colored multifunctional outdoor vest

5. Talk to each other

A long-term and fulfilling partnership requires "talking together". With versatile topics and interesting discussions, the relationship between two people grows.

Go in to the young lady, listen to her and try to dive into "her world".

- Can you talk freely and freely with each other?
- Are you talking about the same things?
- Do you interpret the words of the lady correctly?
- Do you understand her wishes? Does she understand your humor?
- Are you laughing in your conversation?

You can find out more about this in the article "Can talk to each other".

6. Pay attention to age-related phrases

Avoid age-related statements and be free from prejudice . In general, everything that indicates the age difference is not recommended . Do not say things like:

- "When I was your age ..."
- "The young people of today ..."
- "At that time, everything was even better ..."

In an older man, a young woman wants to see a knowledgeable and experienced friend who can give her good advice. He should not criticize or laugh at her because of her immaturity.

7. Optimize your dating profile

Make a neat and healthy impression . Use a professional main picture and other photos that show you different activities (hobbies, free time, job).

Difficulties and Dangers of Online Dating with Young Women

Unfortunately getting to know younger women also presents some difficulties and dangers.

Young women are developing stronger
Be prepared for women to change (visually and mentally) and develop at a young age . Be open to it and encourage it to grow and change to get the most out of it.

Live apart quickly
Different interests and goals mean that you diverge quickly . Of course, each partner can have their own hobbies and interests, but there should be a base of similarities .

Increased risk of scammers
Older men are a popular target for scammers . With very young and extremely attractive female profiles , they try to play with the feelings and hearts of older men for financial benefits.

Wanted a sponsor!
In this case, the young woman is indeed real and looking for a much older partner, but the desired relationship should be based on an "arrangement" : He should fulfill their financial wishes and they should embody his "showcase lady" and lover.

These arrangements are not about true love and a fulfilled partnership. For the lady, it is a "business relationship".






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