How do Ukrainian and Russian ladies find love?

Every day many Eastern European women register on our site. Most of them are women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Maybe you wonder how these women find us or what expectations these ladies register on our site.

Russian ladies

How do the Eastern Europeans feel about love?
Mainly via the Russian search engine and the Russian version of Google.
We advertise around the reputable dating in Western Europe. For example, with "Looking for a partner from Germany" , "Getting to know a man from Switzerland" or "Partnership with Austrians" .

From the search engine , ladies can directly access our Russian website, where they can register for free.

There are also many Russian ladies who already live in Germany, USA, Mexico, Turkey, etc.

It is not uncommon for women to register with us based on recommendations from relatives or friends.

Waiver of cooperation with Eastern European partner agencies
Frequently we receive inquiries from agencies and dating agencies from Eastern Europe. They offer us an abundance of marriageable Eastern Europeans and in return demand a commission for the contact with paying users. At first glance this sounds like a win-win situation, but most of the victims are the men seeking a partner. For how and if, the submitted ladies checked, or are genuine, we could not guarantee more. You can find more about that in our article "We do not cooperate with Eastern European partner agencies!" .

Why are the ladies registering here?
As a reputable and experienced brokerage we offer the Ukrainian and Russian women comprehensive information and help for online dating for a Western European partner.
Among other things, we offer them:

Serious men from Western Europe
We advertise with serious and safe dating . That's why you will not find any short-term adventures, flirtations or erotic contacts here. The ladies appreciate that.

The ladies who register with us are looking for a partner from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. They often have a special affinity with these countries, know the merits and peculiarities of these men and long for a solid partnership and marriage.

Not a few of you speak good German, know the country and its customs.

Free registration and use
The ladies can use our site 100% for free.

Comprehensive information
Information about online dating and Western European men can be found in our Russian guide. For example, the mentality differences, entry requirements and culture are reported. We give tips for getting to know each other, the long distance relationship and the first meeting, and much more.






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