Marriage in Ukraine

When men and Ukrainian women marry, a new phase of life begins for them.
The simple words "Would you like to be my wife" or "Marry me!" change the relationship between man and woman.

This should be pronounced in an unforgettable and special atmosphere, because every Ukrainian lady dreams of this moment from a young age.

If you are ready to propose to your Ukrainian dream woman, you may also be interested in marrying in Ukraine.

But many questions quickly arise: Which papers are needed? How long does it cost and the marriage costs? Do you need a visa? Here you'll find answers!

Marriage in Ukraine

Frequently asked questions about the process
In general, marriage in Ukraine between foreign men and Ukrainian women is basically valid . The formalities for marriage in Ukraine are straightforward and fast.

Where can be married in Ukraine?
The lovers can marry in any registry office in Ukraine. The choice is made independently of the place of residence. As criteria can therefore also the location, attractions or popular towns are used.

Which papers have to be submitted to the registry office?
As a Western European man you need:

birth certificate
Registration certificate from the registration office
In the event of a divorced marriage, the original divorce decree must still be submitted
Your future wife needs to register:

internal passport
birth certificate
Registration certificate from the registration office
In case of a divorced marriage, the divorce decree or the divorce certificate
All official documents (including passport) should be translated in the Ukrainian language and authenticated by a notary in Ukraine.

Important! The legal basis and conditions can change quickly. Therefore, we always recommend that you take precise information from official institutions.
You can find information about marriage in Ukraine, for example, on the pages of the German Embassy in Kiev :

How long does it take and does it cost?
Some 30 days after filing the documents can be married.

The marriage in Ukraine is free. However, a small fee is due for the issuing of the marriage certificate in Ukraine.

The marriage certificate will be issued directly after the ceremony and should subsequently be apostilled in Ukraine. This takes about 1 week. In order for you to have a valid document for German legal relations at your disposal, have the marriage certificate translated by a sworn interpreter in Germany.

Costs for translations, copies, attestations, etc. should also be considered.

Is a visa needed?
For the marriage in Ukraine you do not need a visa as a German citizen.
However, if you would like to live together in Germany after your marriage, you have to apply for a category D visa for the lady.

After the wedding in Ukraine, you should try to keep the belief in marriage happiness with mutual respect, a positive attitude. Because it is very special to find and marry the partner for life.
Already we wish you good luck for the future living together as a married couple.






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