Masculinity is needed

"Some men strive lifelong to understand the nature of a woman. Others deal with less difficult things such as the theory of relativity " Albert Einstein

If you are just looking for your dream woman, you have certain ideas or wishes that describe an ideal image. This can be their visual appearance as well as special traits.

But what do the Russian women want? What does their dream partner look like?

Russian woman

Masculinity - radiating security and security
As a multitude of men long for a pronounced femininity (as well as looks, as well as interiors) in the women of Russia, Russian women expect a certain masculinity from the gentlemen from the west .

The masculinity an Eastern European seeks in her partner is often one of the most important qualities. It could also be expressed as follows:

A woman from Eastern Europe does not want to get to know a well-trained macho, but a man who has masculinity in his traits.

She longs for a man where she can feel safe and secure.

A man who has a strong willpower and does not show any fear of decisions, plans for the future, or a long-distance relationship.

It may sound a little inaccurate and difficult to understand, but unfortunately the lack of determination of a man is one of the most common reasons why a Russian loses interest in getting to know him.

What is this "masculinity" that an Eastern European expects from her partner?
The man should take the initiative in getting to know him and write to the lady first. So he leaves a good impression with the ladies from Eastern Europe. We have already written about this special feature when getting acquainted with the Russian women online: " Do you actively plan your partner search or do you prefer to wait and see?".

We do not need to explain that further. It is well known that a confident appearance is beneficial in getting to know each other. A healthy self-esteem has an extreme effect on masculinity! ;)

The ladies like to feel the serious intention of a man. They feel more confident in communication when a man can formulate exactly what he is looking for and what steps he is willing to take.
It is said that women from Eastern Europe do not expect a man to exchange letters for months, but their deeds. Adequate time for getting to know each other online (correspondence and Skype conversations) should nevertheless be used to jointly decide whether further steps - the first meeting - are worthwhile and desired.

Very important is the determination and willingness to take serious steps in getting to know each other. Above all, this includes the introductory journey to Eastern Europe. From the perspective of many Eastern European ladies, some gentlemen lack the determination and willingness to do something for the relationship.
It is also bad when a man of convenience invites the lady to his home instead of traveling to Eastern Europe himself. This is very dubious in the ladies and does not speak for his masculinity. You can read more about it in the article "The first meeting: traveling to Eastern Europe or inviting a lady to visit?" .

Courage and strength
A man should not be afraid of the difficulties in a long-distance relationship , but a strong will to prove and enforce his plan. Many women understand too well that an international relationship needs courage and strength. This is what they want to feel from their partner. They want to be sure that he is strong and brave enough for that.

The own duties and responsibilities in a partnership should be recognized and maintained.

Of course, every woman appreciates different, often based on their personal life experiences, "characteristics" of a man.
We emphasize the qualities that firstly make a good impression on Eastern Europeans and secondly, are important to possess if you wish to partner with a foreign woman .

Since the mentality of the people from Eastern Europe differs from ours, there are also different ideas about the distribution of roles in the family and partnership. You have to understand and accept this. Changing an adult woman and placing her in a different, western role within the family and relationship is almost impossible and will not benefit her particularity as a Russian woman.






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