Russian women scammers on local dating sites

Lately, we have received many letters from men who have met an alleged Russian woman on a local dating site and doubt their authenticity. As a rule, those affected did not have a special interest in getting to know a Russian woman, or on international dating , but were looking for a partner from the area. But on these portals they were contacted by pretty ladies from Russia and thus came into conversation with them.

Russian woman scammer

These "women" insist on swiftly exchanging e-mail addresses. It is not uncommon to receive a request in the second letter to contact the lady by e-mail. You want to continue the exchange of messages outside the partner exchanges. There they can pursue their plan undisturbed.

Therefore, scammers outside the brokerage look for contact
Their dating profile could be reported and blocked due to complaints from other users.
Conspicuous spam activities are detected by the anti-spam mechanisms of the marriage agency.
You can find out more about the security of your contact details in our article "The correct handling of your contact details when finding a partner" .

Do you feel familiar with this situation?
Did you meet an Eastern European on a local dating site? Such a situation you should consider skeptically .

One exception is the Russian women, who have been living in Canada or Europe for a long time and already speak good English. These ladies usually do not have to hide their country of residence and usually give the correct dates in their dating profiles again.

The reasons why you should deal with such contacts carefully and why it is unrealistic to meet an authentic Russian woman (who also lives in Eastern Europe) on a regional dating portal.
How could an average Russian find a local portal for personals?
Think about how to search the internet? You open a search engine, such as Google or Bing.

The same goes for the women. They use search engines that are operated in Russian. For example:,, or The results are also presented in Russian.

A local marriage and dating sites can not be found or you need to use certain terms in English, such as " singles near you" , " local personals " or " dating in the area " that are foreign to an average Russian woman.

Nor are you Russian pages presented (in Russian), if you use search terms for "Dating Russia".

In which languages ​​is the brokerage exchange to serve?
Local personals portals and dating sites, which are specialized in finding acquaintances in a particular area, are usually only available in English .

So check if the portal where you met her is also in Russian. If not, not only the question of how to find the portal, but also how to log in there?

What are we aiming for? The "Scamming business" is distributed worldwide.
It is quite possible that the fraudsters, so-called romance scammers who are active on local partner exchanges, are also in Europe.

This also explains how they find dating portals and register there. Money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram make it possible to pick up the money sent from any location.

Where can one get to know a real Russian woman?
Get to know a Russian woman safely on a specialized East-West partner exchange or a traditional dating service.

Such East-West dating portals are translated into Russian, so that the ladies from Eastern Europe can find the brokerage and sign up there easily. These portals usually deal intensively with the security of getting to know each other and checking the profiles.

How does getting to know each other?
If you love the outdoors, you will only find tested profiles of Eastern European women. The women register on our Russian site. This is listed in the Russian search engines.

We know the tricks of Scammer! Due to the many years of experience, the constant research and the openness and willingness of those affected, we are well placed against scammers and fake accounts. Even for non-customers of our portal, we offer extensive advice in cases of doubt.

Each profile is checked manually before activation .

Thanks to the technical requirements of the portal, we can observe a certain behavior in order to unmask and block Scammer as quickly as possible.






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