Get to know each other via video messenger via Skype and WhatsApp

Dating can become a long and tedious task if you are not sure how to act and behave. That's why in our site we regularly write about getting to know the Eastern European and Russian women - offer tips, practical instructions and testimonials that make it easier to get to know each other.

Russian woman Skype and WhatsApp

Video Chat: Save time and nerves in your Dating
We recommend communicating with Russian women as soon as possible with a video messenger such as Skype, WhatsApp or Viber.

1. Almost like a meeting like in real life
You see each other face to face - almost like in real life. Her smile, her nature, her voice, her reactions and her movements: A live chat gives the best impressions of a person living thousands of kilometers away. It's almost like a real meeting.

2. You really get to know each other
As long as you did not hit her in real life or have a video chat with her, your imagination will give you a not 100% real picture of your adored one. Only with personal conversations from eye to eye do you really get to know them.

3. Best protection against fraud and fakes
Scammers avoid the video chat! Because the classic Scammer create fake profiles (false identities) with which they want to conquer the hearts of men. This scam does not work through the video chat. And note, scammers will invent creative excuses to avoid video chat.

4. More options and variety than texting
You can make getting to know each other much more varied and creative..

5. It's free
The common messengers like Skype, WhatsApp or Viber are free, offer video chat functions and are also used by the Eastern Europeans.

6. Saves time
Getting to know each other via video chat saves time in two ways:

You waste no time with dubious contacts. Mostly ladies who are really interested in you who want a video chat.

You save time from typing. Video entertainment is much faster than writing long letters.

Note in a video chat
Do not push in the first few messages to communicate via video chat. That is too intrusive. After exchanging several text messages and having some sympathy, you can think about the video chat.

Pay attention to your appearance and your environment. Dress neatly and make a neat impression on the lady. She should realize that you are trying and you are serious. Also, the environment should be right: open up a little and ensure good lighting conditions. After all, she must be able to recognize you, too.

Do not ask her if she will be in Skype immediately. Note that the lady may be on the move or at work. Schedule an appointment for a meeting via Skype, WhatsApp and Co.

The different time zones between the USA, Australia and Europe and Russia should be included in the scheduling. If it's 6pm (Berlin time) it's 11pm in Novosibirsk, Russia.

So, if you've been able to get interesting female contacts through our dating site and you're sympathetic, do not wait too long with the video chat. You'll be surprised how quickly a personal relationship builds up and wonderful feelings can develop.






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