Russian women like men who take the initiative

The topics of active dating and special wishes of Russian women are addressed in the articles "What do Russian women want to do with Western men?" And "Actively find a partner or rather wait and see?" In this article, we focus on our own initiative , an aspect that could be important for your dating and the understanding of Eastern European and Russian women.Russian women differ in many facets from the ladies in this country: For example, in the idea of ​​a strict role allocation in the relationship and family.


Russian women see different roles in a relationship for themselves and their partners. The man is always required to take the initiative of a moving role. Before an Eastern European partner enters into a partnership with you, she would like to recognize your initiative or your efforts. This is especially appreciated by the ladies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

A strong interest and effort gives her the feeling of uniqueness and desire. You "conquer" your wife and when you impress her, she answers you with her love and dedication. In other words, Russian women like self-confident and active men who show initiative.

This all works well in real life, but what about the initiative when getting acquainted online with Russian women?

Send first message
Show your interest and send a message to your chosen ones! Russian women are reluctant to take the first step. Rarely do they show their interest in you in the form of a first message. Rather, they open your profile and give you a non-binding "Like". They want, and are used to, that the first step starts from the man.

Showing sincere interest through questions and timely answers
When getting acquainted online, it is difficult to assess a person's interest or lack of interest. The Russian lady wants to feel your genuine interest in her. This is what you show her in communication:

Ask her questions and write her detailed information about your person and your goals.
Note: If an East European woman is constantly asking herself questions and trying to engage in new topics of conversation, she quickly feels intrusive and thinks that you have no interest in getting to know her.

Listen carefully and with interest. Remember important information about yourself and your goals.

Express the desire to meet
It's no big secret that a stereotype has spread to Western Europeans and online dating with Russian ladies. To our regret, many ladies think that men who are looking for a woman online are only interested in having a letter contact and are not ready for a real meeting in Eastern Europe.
Certainly no reasonable person will book a trip to Russia after just a short correspondence. But the lady should feel that you have this will and are ready for it.

You should address this sooner or later and do not wait until it invites you . The initiative should come from you and we are pretty sure that mentioning your willingness to visit them will leave a good impression ;-)
Let them know that you are interested in a real and not a virtual relationship.






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