Russian women - Regional differences

Russian women are famous for their warmth, beauty and pronounced femininity.
But their ideas, demands and characteristics can vary greatly depending on their origin and place of residence.

In Russia there are 15 cities in which over 1 million people live (data from Росстат - Russian Federal Statistical Office). The largest cities are Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Moscow is the political capital of Russia and Saint Petersburg is considered the "northern cultural capital".

Regional Russian women

Women from Russian cities

There are differences in living standards, lifestyles, and attitudes towards life between people born and raised in Moscow and St Petersburg , people who moved there, and people living in other cities in Russia.

Of course, in the first line there are differences in wages, prices, real estate prices, job opportunities, travel options. For example, it is easier and, above all, cheaper to fly from Moscow to Europe than from eastern cities such as Vladivostok.
Many Russian women from Moscow have been to Western Europe before and have some idea of ​​people and culture.

This is also reflected in the idea of ​​the Russian ladies. Young women born and raised in Moscow or St Petersburg are open, speak foreign languages ​​such as English or German and are more Western-oriented. They usually have good education and career opportunities.

In finding a partner, the level of the man plays a major role for these ladies. This refers to the level of education and its social status - so that the couple is on the same level. The women are confident and know exactly what they expect from a man. In the future, such a life partner will long for self-realization in a new home and will not settle for a role as a housewife.

Comparable differences exist in Germany between people from Munich and Berlin, from the city and the country or from the north and south.

Russian women from the countryside

Russians from smaller towns and rural areas are generally easier.
They work a lot and have to earn their money hard. The family values ​​are very strong. The ladies long for domesticity and security. They are looking for a life partner who can fulfill this. The ladies with such values ​​will be good housewives who will appreciate their husband's aspiration to earn money for the family.

Russian women from rural areas often have a misconception about life in the West and Western European men.
You would like to meet a partner from Western Europe, because they value his positive qualities and advantages over Russian men. But in the subconscious, they expect a German man to act like a Russian man: that is, to take the immediate initiative and "lead" the relationship. The man is considered the decision maker and breadwinner of the family. She wants to be sought after and follow her husband in the partnership.






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