Tips for making a phone call with a Russian woman

If you want to get to know your Russian online acquaintance better, a phone call or a video chat is the next step. These tips will help you make the conversation enjoyable and problem-free.

With a phone-date with your dream-woman a long-awaited intermediate goal can be achieved during your journey to a fulfilled partnership . But if the lady is in another country and speaks another language, it can be difficult to really enjoy spending time together on the phone.

Russian woman

Tips for your call

The following tips will help you with your next call:

Uses an online messenger instead of landline

Making international calls over the landline can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, Internet telephony is a good option today. Using messengers like Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, of course, you can also make phone calls without a video image.

Write down questions and topics in advance

Make a list of topics and questions that you want to talk to about your dream girl.
Quick you can get so nervous that you forget what you actually know, or wanted to ask. Or worse, as you think about what you wanted her to know, her words miss you. It could give the impression that you are not listening to it properly and are uninterested.

Notes help you to avoid unpleasant breaks and awkward silence.

Listen to her well and be interested

When talking to your online acquaintance, listening is the name of the game. Ask questions and listen carefully to their answers. Listen carefully and then develop the conversation by asking questions or comments. This natural way of conversation will make the call really enjoyable and quickly help to develop a relationship.

Have a translator ready

We have often written about the language barrier with international acquaintances, which could be a potential obstacle.

Either you put the dictionary at your fingertips, open an online translator on your PC or use the help of an interpreter.

A telephone interpreter dials your call by phone and translates from Russian to German and vice versa. It helps you to make your communication more natural, intense and stress-free.

Clear pronunciation and simple sentences

You have to understand each other! A clear and clear pronunciation as well as simple sentences will help your Russian acquaintance to understand you better.

Some ladies already have some German and / or English knowledge. But often you lack the practice. Here it is even more important to form simple sentences and ask more often if it is understandable for them.

Arrange phone call

Do not press the phone in the first few messages. This is a bit too intrusive. You should only think about the phone, if you have exchanged a few messages and a certain sympathy has emerged.

Pay attention to the different time zones when planning the call.





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