What Russian women do not like

We have already written a lot about the charming Russian women on our site, including their values, mentality, preferences and positive qualities. For many Western European men, they are the ultimate.

But if you want to build a relationship with a Russian girl, you have to like her as well. There are some things Russian women do not like about online dating and men.

Russian women

Russian women do not like it
It is of course always individual to consider what a Russian does not like. However, here are some things that many ladies do not like.

1. Which photos Russian women do not like

Good profile photos are extremely important for the success of your dating in Russia . They are the first thing the ladies perceive of you. And often it already decides here whether you get their attention or not. That's why you should pay attention to the following points.

Messy and unkempt
Make a neat, well-kept and decent impression on your photos! A certain attractiveness is important to arouse the interest of the other person.

Dubious and intimate
Pictures where you present your half-naked torso or selfies that show you in bed or under the shower, you should also avoid. Such photos do not express your serious intentions. The ladies are concerned with a serious and long-term partnership and not with erotic adventures.

2. With other women

Never show up with other women on your photos. It does not matter if it's your sister or "just an old acquaintance". The Russians will interpret this usually negative.

What behavior they do not like
In communication with women, note:

Rude and irreverent
Be polite and respectful in communicating with them. The ladies want to be valued and feel special. This gives them the assurance and reassurance that building relationships over the distance is the right step in their lives.

3. These include erotic allusions and pictures.

Bad language and grammar
Write clearly and pay attention to the correct spelling and grammar. The lady must finally understand you. Otherwise, no proper dialogue can arise. And without a common language, it becomes difficult to build a relationship.

And when translation programs are used, correct sentences (including punctuation marks) are even more important.

They wish you the initiative at the first contact and further getting to know each other. In other words, you should first write to the lady: courting her and conquering her. And as you get to know each other, you should tackle the first meeting. With the first meeting, you should not take too much time. After all, a partnership is the goal and not a pen pal.

These other things do not like Russian women
What the Russian ladies also do not like:

Drink too much alcohol and smoke
Especially with alcohol, many women from Russia associate a very negative trait. Many Russian men drink too much. The consequences are often violence in the relationship or even premature death. She does not want to experience such a thing with a Western European partner.

You refuse / "No" - say
If you have written to a lady and are still waiting for a reaction, this is not a rare case. Because they try to avoid unpleasant situations. In her eyes, a "No, I have no interest" could be followed by a negative backlash on your part. So they prefer to keep silent.






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