Why are Russian women so beautiful?

Almost everyone has heard of the beauty of Russian women. For many men, they are considered the "measure of all things" worldwide. More and more Western Europeans are looking for Dating Dreams from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

When a Western European man travels to Russia, he is impressed by the outstanding beauty of the ladies. With so many attractive women, one wonders: "Why are Russian women so beautiful?"

Beautiful Russian women

Russian women are known for many qualities. They are not only affectionate and faithful lovers, but can also be diligent housewives and caring mothers. But the first thing men pay attention to is their beauty. The beauty of Russian women is not a stereotype that can confirm all men who were traveling in Russian cities.

Value "Partnership"
A single woman has low social status in Russia. For single women, social pressure is high to find the right partner early on. They feel a strong need to please and hold a man . Having a partner is like a badge of honor. That's why they always make an effort to get everything out of their appearance and to please the partner.

Competition among each other
In addition, the competition is huge with each other . Russian women are constantly competing with each other. Every time Russian girls meet or walk past each other on the street, they compare themselves and try to be ahead of the game. This is sometimes due to the fact that Russia has a large surplus of women . There are just too few men in the market. And there is a great competition for the good guys.

Climate and skin
Scientists have found that Russian women have thicker skin and therefore develop wrinkles later . A thick, smooth and strong skin makes the lady look young and healthy .

The climate also has a positive effect on the appearance of the ladies. In Russia, there are fewer hours of sunshine than in Germany. In western European countries, photoaging is a common problem because people live under a greater solar radiation. This can lead to premature aging of the skin.

Genetic mixture
There is a theory that Russian women are so extraordinarily pretty because of their genetic mix of times gone by. History tells us that Mongolians, Tatars, Poles and Latvians have spread in the country.
The result is typical external features such as big eyes, almond eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a round face shape .

Emphasis on femininity
Russian women are so beautiful because they enjoy being feminine and radiate it honestly. By emphasizing their femininity , they attract the attention of the men who are to fight for them and conquer them. Female attractiveness is accessible to any woman who spends some time and effort. Unlike in Western countries, the beautiful Russians are educated to dress and behave like women.






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