Why have not I found my Russian dream girl yet? 5 common mistakes.

Of course, there is no formula for success in getting to know each other. Too many different factors play a role. Nevertheless, general positive and negative characteristics and behavioral rules that influence the search for a partner can be recorded. In our blog, we have already written that successful dating requires the ability to self-analyze and self- criticize.

This time, we'll look at five typical miscoring mistakes you should avoid.

Russian girl

The dialogue is too jammed.
This means that there is no interesting exchange of ideas between you and the woman. Standard sayings like "Hi! how are you? ", are repeated from day to day and from woman to woman. You just seem to be disinterested in women, though this could only be the impact of natural shyness.

When two people get to know one another on an East-West partner exchange, this means that they do not have many opportunities for communication and getting to know one another. You can write letters to each other and talk to Skype via video call. However, one of the most important parts of getting to know each other is the personal exchange of thoughts. That's why it's important to overcome one's own fears or shyness and talk openly about oneself. This includes showing interest in the lady: asking interesting questions and responding to them.

A wrong idea regarding the age of the dream woman.
If you want to meet a much younger partner , it can be a long search. You need patience and luck. Because even the Russian women are usually for a reasonable age difference. You will find out more in our article "The age of the desired partner" .

No interest in average Russian women.
In other words, your future should be "Miss Russia". Note that in a lasting relationship, personal qualities play the crucial role. Surely, the external attractiveness and attraction is part of a fulfilled partnership. But putting the focus exclusively on the supposed top models is not effective.

You should also remember that the extremely beautiful Russians are aware of their beauty and often make equally high demands on their future partner.

Lack of readiness for serious steps.
The first serious step in a long-distance relationship is the introductory journey to Eastern Europe. If you are not ready to come visit the lady in her place of residence, this relationship will soon come to an end. The ladies are interested in a real relationship and expect a man seriousness and readiness. You can find out more about the first meeting in the article "The first meeting: traveling to Eastern Europe or inviting a lady to visit?" . The article "Behavior patterns of Russian women getting acquainted" explains what a Russian woman expects from a man.

A passive and waiting partner search.
"I have not found my dream wife because she just has not contacted me yet!" Some gentlemen register with an online dating agency Russia and ... that's all!
With the assumption and hope that the Eastern European dream woman contacts him, they remain passive and reserved. Active seekers usually find more attractive partners than passive ones.






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