Why Russian women don't smile or smile so seldom?

It is no secret that Eastern Europeans (especially Russians) are described as "cold" or dismissive, because they do not smile at all, or only rarely do they have some truth, but they do not smile because they do not want to smile that influenced and shaped the mentality and behavior of women from Russia.

Russian women not smile

A smile in Russia

That's why you rarely find a smile on Russia's streets.

1- protective attitude

Eastern Europe has a high crime rate so a smile means opening up to somebody. Especially against strangers you do not want to open in Eastern Europe. Because it increases the risk of being ripped off and cheated. A stranger who appears too friendly and obliging is considered very suspicious.

2- Wrong interpretation

A Russian saying goes, "Смех без причины - признак дурачины." German translation: "By the many laughs one recognizes the fool."

In Russia it is not common to walk around with a happy face. Therefore, a grateless smile can be interpreted as crazy or mentally unstable.

Also, it carries the risk that you look suspicious. People may think, "He has a sly smile on his face, he's definitely up to something!".

If you travel to Russia, try to get rid of this habit.

3- No emotions

No one is smiling on the Russian streets because he is in a good mood. In fact, the ladies need a reason to smile. For example, a smile is fine if you have just heard good news or received a compliment. The women from Russia prefer to hide their feelings instead of sharing them openly. They think that makes this poker face strong and invulnerable.

A smile in this country

In Australia, Canada, Britain or the USA, the opposite is true: A person who does not smile is rude and arrogant. An open smile looks trusting and sympathetic. You feel invited to communicate with this person.

Thus cultural differences create absolutely false assumptions of strangers.

A Russian smile

A Russian smile is considered one of the most sincere in the world. If you receive a smile from a Russian woman, you know that it comes from the bottom of my heart.





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